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Monday, May 6, 2013

New Area; Summer Approaches; and a "Creeper"

Three posts this week (last three weeks of letters).  Josh just was transferred to a new area.  His new mailing address is: 665 Cooper St., Harrisville, WV 26362

Please write to him.  You can mail letters to the address above or communicate via e-mail at joshua.latimer@myldsmail.net

April 22, 2013

Hi All:

Well, I found out I am getting transferred.  I am going to be serving in Pennsboro, West Virginia. I was told I will be in a very small branch, and the area just opened up. I will be going to church in an old liquor store!  So that will be interesting. I was told by the zone leaders that the missionary I am serving with (Elder B.) loves to play basketball, so we will hopefully actually get to play on P-days!

And now I’m crazy sunburnt! The last 2 days we did service at a nursery for an investigator and her daughter. We have worked two, 10-hour days outside moving flowers! It’s crazy my allergies didn’t kill me. Although I do think there is something in our apartment that I am allergic to because my allergies are worse in there than working at a nursery. Good thing I’m leaving!

Other than that I have been doing well and investigators are still the same as before.  It’s hard to help everyone progress when you are working 2 areas, but today will consist of going to play ball in Huntington with 11 other missionaries and then visiting a few people before I leave.

And yes, mom did tell me about Zyrtec and I have been using it and it helps some. 

I finally got a little taste of what’s to come this summer. It was in the 90's for a day or 2 last week, and I’m not sure what the humidity was but it seemed like a lot!   From what people told me it’s nothing compared to what’s coming. I mean I literally walked outside and started sweating!  It was just terrible being outside. We would come back to our tile floor apartment, blast the A/C and lay on the floor. So summer will definitely be interesting!

I just realized football season will kill me this year. I was watching the TV in a burger place and found out they are predicting the Seahawks to win the Superbowl against the 49ers, and the games they play against each other will be nationally televised. I’ll have to have a lot of self control come football season, Oh well.

But now it’s time for us to leave to go to Huntington

Love you guys!

Elder Latimer

April 29, 2013
Hi [All]:

I love my new area so far!  Pennsboro is seriously in the sticks. We are the only area in the mission to have AT&T because no other phones get service here. Most places we don’t have service at all! Most of the little towns here have either a small amount of people or literally none at all! There are a few ghost towns. My favorite is Cairo, and the drive there and really anywhere else around here is absolutely beautiful! I know you would love it here! I don’t think I have ever seen anything like it before! I don’t think I have seen a 2 lane road since I’ve been here!

It’s super green just like back home... but with rolling hills and trees with leaves that are different shades of green everywhere!  So it looks awesome, and most the roads are almost like going through a green tunnel! I’ll make sure to take a video of our next drive there, and send it so y'all can see it! I do have a few pictures here but not too many – most are from back in Kentucky. I will send my picture card, but I need the other one back first. I think you still have it? 

My new companion has only been the area for one transfer [about 6 weeks], it just opened! It’s a tiny place and the liquor store we go to church in is probably the size of our play room at home, maybe a little bigger. We only have about 10 people in the branch, so there is a lot of pressure on us to get less actives to church and bring others to it, especially because it is on the verge of being dissolved to another ward.

There was a lady we met while helping people do genealogy, and she was moving into a house so we offered to help her get it ready. To get there we drove up a dirt road for 3 miles through hollers and beside cliffs, and came to find out she has 61 acres there and a fishing pond! I have a picture from her porch on my card! 

The only problem with P-day is we don’t have a basketball, so good thing we are out in the sticks so there are plenty of places to hike!

And Mom, Happy birthday!  I do have a gift for you, i just need to get it from a guy here in Pennsboro who owns this cool shop.  I’ll have it by this week and send it!..

I’m happy about the seahawks [and the draft] but at the same time it will be hard.  I’m excited to see how they do, and that’s great about Desmond! Too bad we need to find someone else to replace him, it seems like he has been on the team for way longer than he has.

I have to go.  I’ll e-mail you guys next week!


Elder Latimer

P.S.  My new mailing address is: 665 Cooper St., Harrisville, WV 26362

May 6, 2013

Hi [All]:

We are doing a lot of teaching in the branch and are responsible for getting people there. We found out that the local high school has open gyms every day, so we can pay $8 a month to play there from 5:30 a.m.- 7:30 a.m. or 3:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. on P-days, which is convenient.  I just wish we had a basketball now. They don’t provide them there, and there aren’t any sports stores to buy a basketball in our whole area.  We have to drive an hour or so to the closest one!

I think your street view was right [we looked up his new address on google – eds.], we have a small house and a big backyard to ourselves with a fire pit, which we had a fire in the other night. It’s nice being in a house where you don’t have to worry about waking up neighbors in the morning and carpet is especially nice!

Speaking of neighbors, we have this girl who I’m assuming is around our age who lives next door.  As of late she has been trying to follow us, and when we are in the back yard she sits there and watches us. The other night when we had a fire going, she was in her kitchen window singing to us for an hour or so, and before that she stood by the fence line just staring at us.  One time she was on her phone as she walked by us when we were on our porch and she said very loudly and obviously, "We have 2 new really cute neighbors!" Elder B. and I looked at each other and walked inside. It didn’t help that after that she said, "Yeah, that would be a good idea. I think that would be good to do," or something along those lines.  Last night we found out she knows which room we sleep in.  We were going to bed and Elder Brandt goes to open the window, and she is in her kitchen window staring in our room.  Elder B. told me that he made eye contact, and it was pretty weird. So that is definitely going to be an interesting situation. I guess i should mention that I don’t think she is quite all there so that makes it even more awkward!

There are surprisingly few people who are rude to us.  Everyone here is very polite. Even when they don’t want to have anything to do with you, they just politely tell you they aren’t interested, but thanks for stopping by.  Actually, right now we are teaching a Baptist preacher whose name is Dan. He seems like a great guy who is truly interested. The hardest part for him is if he comes to know it’s true, he would have to find a new job.

It’s starting to get hot and humid here, and it’s not even summer yet!  Lately on P-days we have been going on hikes at North Bend Park, which is pretty close to us. Really the only thing to do unless we can find a basketball. But I enjoy it. It’s good cardio and it’s pretty cool to see the country from there.

I know I can’t Skype, but I will probably call in the evening sometime when we find some time, so maybe around 6 Pacific time, or a little earlier. When I find out for sure I’ll be sure and try to let y'all know. [Josh gets to call home two times a year, on Christmas and Mother’s Day, which is why we are arranging the schedule via this e-mail]

Love you guys!

Elder Latimer

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