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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Last Post From Mission Field; Turkey Bowl "Season Ending" Injury

This represents the last post from Elder Latimer from the mission field. We are so grateful he chose to serve and to see him grow in faith. We are also very excited to have him come home. Thank you all for your support of him. -- Eds. (mom and dad).

P.S. - We will probably post some homecoming pics a little later!

November 24, 2014
Hi All!
I will get everything sent within the next day or two! And I’ll be sure to keep working hard. It’s been good so far.For Thanksgiving we have plans with a couple members to eat there, and we have organized a "turkey bowl" so I’ll get to play football finally! That’ll be nice. Speaking of football, I’m at about 155 pounds now and just ran a 40 yard dash today in 4.56, which is pretty darn good for not conditioning for 2 years and on a muddy field! I imagine on turf and with some training time when I get home I can get it down to at the least a high 4.4 second 40! That’ll be nice! Now, I don’t know if it’s possible for me (I’m sure i can put on a lot more weight having a gym to use when I get home), but I want to at least get to 180. If I can get my 40 down to around 4.45, I plan on trying to walk on at BSU :) Now that’s only if I can put on another 25 pounds in muscle... and I don’t know if I can but I’ll sure shoot for it! running a 4.4 40 and being up to about 180 and 5'8" i could pass as a running back. There have been a few college backs at that size. I imagine I won’t start but if all comes out like I hope, at least get to suit up again :)
Other than that things have been the same old thing. Still trying to work with those who we are teaching and aren’t making much progress and still trying to find! That’s the problem this area seems to of had for the past year or so. So hopefully I can help reload the area before I leave!
I could talk whenever bishop wants me to. I don’t think I’ll be writing a talk. I’ll probably just go with what comes to mind. There is too much for me to try and put it on paper!

And that would be great for me to check out where I’m living first. It’s not as much as where but who. Hopefully I can meet the guys before I move in. Although after a mission even if I don’t like them I can at least just leave :) How great is that option!!!
I’m glad the Hawks pulled it out against 9-1 now 9-2 Arizona! We needed that to keep a NFC West title hope alive. Now I don’t know if we still have an opportunity to clinch home-field advantage for playoffs or not. I sure hope so. I think if we can manage that we may play in the SB again. I’m always excited for the Apple Cup. It’s always fun to watch WSU lose! Can’t get enough of it!
I don’t know Marty F.’s address, but I can try and call the Elders in Beckley and get it for you. I know she would absolutely LOVE!!!! it. She was always so excited when people send her things like that. That would make her month, I’m sure! I’ll be sure to get that for you! I’ll also be sure to tell sister S. “Hi.” We actually just came from there they fed us breakfast and then went and threw the football around with Zach.
Other than that I’m excited to come home! See you all in  11 days! :)
Elder Latimer

November 28, 2014

Hey mom and dad, just to let you know. Yesterday during the turkey bowl I hurt my shoulder pretty bad. I got xrays and nothing is broken but there may be torn ligaments or torn muscle. Doc said they can't scan for that until a week or so later. So wondering if you could work that into my doc appointment at home, or ASAP because its up there with my knee injury. Not as bad but hurts pretty bad, thankfully they gave me a prescription!

Anyway just thought I'd let you know!

Love you all see you in 7 days!

Elder latimer

December 3, 2014

Hi All!
So I’ll make this short cause it’s hard to type with my shoulder... and I’ll see you all Friday anyway :)
But yes mom you read my mind! Chicken stroganoff is what I’ve been wanting for 2 years!
And my shoulder hasn’t really gotten any better. I hurt it diving to knock down a pass, and I’m not sure what the outcome was cause when I play I kinda black out sometimes but I do know he didn’t catch it so at least it was kinda worth it. I did have to go to the ER and they took X-rays and said it’s not dislocated or broken, but from the stories about doctors and hospitals in WV, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is dislocated, and this could have been fixed a week ago!
Now unfortunately because of my shoulder it has ruined so many things I planned to do when I get home! Like work out in an actual gym and go snowboarding. Oh well, I guess you win some and lose some!

Excited to see you all Friday!

Love you!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Last Transfer! Fall comes to West Virginia; Trunky Papers Arrive

Trunky Letter Received!


Country Roads!

October 14, 2014
Hi All!
So things here are getting better. I told you about Kim and how he want to be a Mormon, and he is bringing "Mama Sharron" to church with him whom we see also. She is the mother of Paul who was getting the divorce from Kami (who is Kim’s Daughter). Anyway, Kim called us the other day and told us Paul and Kami had been talking about things they need to remove from their lives and things they need to implement, and I guess Paul and Kami told Kim they want to start going to the Mormon Church! So we went over that night he called us and talked about it. Kim was ecstatic, and so was Mama Sharron! Then when Paul and Kami got home they saw us and just had a huge smile on their faces and gave us two big hugs. It was awesome, because he and she both actually looked happy for the first time in like 2 or 3 weeks. So we should have at least 4 of them at church every Sunday plus their kids when they have them.
Other than that not much else has been happening we have a few potentials people we will see again this week and hope that goes well.
And that’s crazy there was a tornado watch in Seattle! There was actually one here too last week. Nothing happened but it was interesting to wait and see.
And I’m pretty excited for Friday this week because we play basketball every week and Ryan (from Pennsboro) is coming down to play! So that'll be nice to see him again it’s been over a year now!
The fall is in full swing now and the leaves are pretty cool! Although I have to take a break from my contacts. I can wear them for a week or 2 and then my left eye gets really irritated and red, and feels super dry for like 2 days and waters all the time. I take my contacts out every night and keep them in the solution, so I don’t know what’s up with that.
And I talked with President Salisbury, and he said I may be able to serve with Elder Thueson again for my last transfer! He didn’t say it was a for sure thing but he will ponder and pray about it, but that it’s a possibility. I’ll know a week from today who I’ll be with!
But nothing else to exciting is happening or has happened. Maybe because I’m so used to the culture and the people that everything that was weird and funny is now normal to me? I don’t know.

And that sounds good, and I’m excited to go look around when I get home. And I also forgot to put those classes together. I had them picked out, I just didn’t write ‘em down. So i can probably send you a quick e-mail with them later this week when we do mormon.org time. 
And thanks, I will make sure to go get a shirt! That’ll be nice to have again! 
And sorry I’m so needy all the time but I’m out of protein.... can you send me some more please? Or do what we did last time and have me buy it? Either way works.
Not to mention I got stretch marks on my biceps :) It was a good day! And I’m at about 160 pounds now!
[Here are his letters to Jace and Jonathan]

Hey I think someone told me you were a girl or something!? Just kidding! How are you doing man? People here all talk funny. I’ll have to teach you some words when I get back so your friends can look at you funny! 
Hey how is school and sports going!? Are you going to play lacrosse again this spring? I hope so! I hope you are still kicking butt at XC! Let me know how it’s going!

October 22, 2014

Hi Everyone!
So about the weights, I was thinking the same thing, but I know with the USPS Flat rate boxes you can ship up to like 72 pounds or something in one, and the weights can break down, so maybe I can try and see if they fit in a large one of those, although I’ll have to probably ship 2.
And as a District leader I think everything is the same, at least from what you said it’s the same. But District meetings vary, because our mission is so spread out some districts can do every week but others can only do 1-3 a transfer because of the mileage limitations. So for this district we only do 2 meeting. So that’s nice I don’t have to do too many!
I haven’t really had any crazy stories as of late, unfortunately. Winfield is kinda secluded but everyone who lives here usually has a nice job and works in Charleston, so the people stay pretty normal which is a bummer! Although we did get a member to fix us some squirrel the other night! It wasn’t too bad! Although it was kinda weird cause they fried it and you could still tell which were the legs because it looks just like them! So I’m glad I can now say I’ve eaten squirrel in WV!
And I dont have anywhere in particular I want to live in Boise, anywhere is fine. As long as I will like my roommates that would be great! Although a mission has taught me how to kind of deal with people I don’t get along with and it’ll be easier because I don’t have to hold their hand 24 hours a day!

And speaking of new companions, I will be staying in Winfield and serving with Elder B.
I heard the Hawks lost! I’m kinda mad because I’ve been wearing my lucky tie every game day! At least it’s not like college football in the sense that 1 loss puts you out of a national title hope. So I hope they can pick it back up. I’m not surprised UW lost either even though I always hope for that little miracle like what happened in ‘09 vs #3 USC! 
It was crazy this last weekend. Well not for us, but WVU beat #4 Baylor, and there were riots up in Morgantown. You may have heard, but the cops were shooting tear gas and rubber bullets. Cars got flipped, poles were torn down and dumpster and street fires were everywhere! They made it a felony to burn couches up there because that used to be their tradition after a win... so i guess they just burned and broke everything else. That’s the US's #1 Ranked Party school for you! 
It’s a good thing Nana isn’t here. It is almost weird to meet someone who is either not carrying or even owns a gun! And speaking of that I need my concealed permit :)
But that’s about all.... Wish me luck these last 6 weeks! 
Love you all,

Elder Latimer

October 27, 2014
Hi All! 
Things are going well and I’m enjoying my new companion so that’s a plus! It’s nice because we are able to actually go and see people, instead of going to the same 3 families for 6 weeks...
Did you say your gonna shave Oliver except for his white patch? You have to send me a picture of that when you do it! I don’t know what we plan on for Halloween, usually we stay inside or spend the time with members. You could imagine how tracting on Halloween would be. People already always think we are JW's! I’m sure we would get some candy out of it though!
I remember that Adventure time show! i thought it was the stupidest thing too... cartoons kinda suck now!

As of of now, there is Kim who could be baptized, but it would be a miracle because he wants to be baptized but he is an alcoholic. He drinks probably at least 30 beers a day, if not more. So we have to try and get him off that and smoking... 
But we are hoping we can actually find people now because again, we can do some other work other than visiting the same 3 people. That’s kinda frustrating that UW was so close to taking it! I guess it’s still a transition year. I look forward for them to be like they were in the early 90's again! I’m glad the hawks won... although I don’t know what’s wrong with them this year. They don’t seem to be in control like they were last year. It seems like the offense can put up points but the defense is allowing too many? At least it’s not like college football where one loss takes you out of the running!

And yes I did get the shirt and I love the tie! It’s nice to have a shirt that doesn’t have a tear in it!
Love you all!
Elder Latimer

November 3, 2014
Hi Everyone!

Things are good here and its nice because we are actually seeing people and getting things done.

We had a great time at the ward Halloween party. There were 350 people there it was nuts! And then we had to judge the costumes of the youth from nursery up to 18 years old. And of course it was awkward because after the winners were announced we had a couple crying children... woops.

Our investigators are doing alright, it would go a lot better if they weren’t alcoholics. Oh well, we will have to work on finding some new people. So that will be the main focus.
This last Friday we went down to Roanoke, VA to go to a meeting with Elder Renlund of the 70. It was really good, and he taught a lot about teaching simply. He was a really good teacher and it was nice to see a ton of missionaries again!
Also, we will see what happens this transfer, cause Elder B. has a doctor appointment to get an MRI on his brain to check for "Kiarie 1" (Spelling?) but I guess he has the symptom for it and 2 of his siblings have had it. So depending on the results and his mom’s decision I may have to get a new companion or be transferred somewhere else for the remainder of my mission. Although I do have a dying request if that does happen and that is to serve with Elder Thueson again, and he is serving with another Elder I go home with. So that would be a blast but we will see!
Glad the Dawgs won and the Hawks. I’m hoping they pick it up to. On a sad note, we found out today iPads won’t be here until January or February, but that’s alright because I’ll be home and that’s good enough for me!
But other than that, that’s about it!

Love you all!

Elder Latimer 

November 10, 2014
Hi All! 
All is well here. We had a slower week this week, but we are still working hard. What has been hard is not only in West Virginia do they not understand how to logically number the houses (many do not have numbers because they were trailers just dropped off on a plot of land and if they do have numbers you need binoculars to see them from the car) on top of all that there had been a 911 address change, so now the 75% of the ward roster is incorrect. But they just showed us a website in ward council and if we enter their old address it will tell us their new number. so that’ll help keep us busy!
Also this week the youth are having a talent show... and Zach Satre wants me to make up a weird dance with him and dance to a frozen song... I’m still debating whether or not to do it. We will see! It would be interesting!
Other than that this week has been pretty plain for me as well, not a lot has gone on. Although it supposed to get cold this weekend, highs in the 30's, so we will see how that goes. Shouldn’t be too bad
Anyway, that’s about it!
Love you all!

Elder Latimer

November 17, 2014
Hi All!
Things here are getting colder. The high for tomorrow is supposed to be 25! Apparently we are supposed to get some snow this weekend. I sure hope so, I love snow! The poor sisters cracked their bumper and so we are loaning them bikes to use this week. That would be miserable! That’s cool Krissa got home! I think I might be completely the opposite :) Movies and music all day! Haha. But that’s just me. I’m ready to get back into the swing of things as soon as I can. The longer I delay it the longer I’ll be awkward...
I’m glad you have gotten all the appointments set up that makes things easier, and hopefully I won’t need to go to jury duty. That would suck!
That’s good joe is applying to BYU and BYU-I. That will be good. 
And poor Oliver! Haha! That’s funny he has to hop around on 3 legs!
Not much has gone on again this week, although we were on exchanges, and we were tracting and ran into a preacher who let us in to of course try and rail on us. Anyway we let him carry on for a while and then when we were about to leave we offered him an opportunity to read the Book of Mormon. Then he told us he wouldn’t ever want one in his house because when Jesus comes back he doesn’t want one in his house. So we said, “whatever” and just left. As we were walking away Elder Hollembeak looks at me and says, "Elder Latimer, I did a mean thing." I looked and said, "What?" He said, "I left a Book of Mormon on his piano." Hahahah! It made me laugh so hard!
Thanks for getting those classes for me that’ll be good! I heard about UW and the hawks. That’s rough! Oh well at least with Seattle and the NFL playoff system, they still got a shot.
I’m wondering how you all want me to go about sending some stuff home? 
That’s about it for this week. 
Love you all!

Elder Latimer

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

New Area as District Leader; Fall Arrives

September 22, 2014
Hi Everyone!
The new area isn’t too bad, just really, really slow. The last 2 transfers the missionaries didn’t do anything so we have like 1 investigator, and we saw him last night. He had been drinking since the morning and downed about 9 in the time we were there. I’m not going to lie, it was a blast, but kind of frustrating because there isn’t much we can teach when he is plastered. But from what I’ve been told, he goes to work drinks and falls asleep. Although he has a ton of great questions we will answer on Tuesday, and we committed him to be sober for it and he agreed, so we will see!
And interestingly enough, my prayers were answered in a way I didn’t expect or want, but it works either way – the Lord has a way of doing things. I was praying for a miracle to happen, so we have more work and people to teach. Especially because Elder Law hasn’t really taught anything or anyone his whole mission so he has the “I give up” kind of attitude at 6 months out. The Lord answered. The sisters we shared a ward with have had a TON of work and people they are teaching, and one of the sisters has had some medical problems going on the last couple months. President Salibury had decided with the doctors that she should go home to get it taken care of, and since there were no trio's in the mission they got doubled out today and we are now going to take over there area. So we now have a ton of work on our hands between their investigators, the few we have, and we are still finding while covering an entire county! So the Lord definitely answered, even though it meant having that sister go home. Although she was great about it, and understood it was the will of the Lord for her and she has a work to do back home.
And that’s cool you planted some flowers and stuff. In Beckley we always helped do service for an old lady who had cancer and work her garden under her direction, and I’ll tell you what, she is strict!  So after 5 months of it I learned a thing or two about gardening....
I’m excited for the fall here. The leaves here have been changing, it gets down to the 40's and 50's at night, but 80s in the day which is weird but it’s starting to wind down. I hope we get a good fall this year. Last year it got really cold really fast and super windy and took all the leaves before they got good.
I did get the package you sent, and I will pick some classes out and let you all know. I’ll also see what President has to say about me registering. I also got the SEAL talk. I actually read it the day you e-mailed it to me! I really enjoyed it. I’m hoping I can find a way to implement it to a district meeting. And cool side note, in the course book for BSU, I know the girl right in the middle of the group of students. Her name is Miranda McGary, and she is a member. She was in my group for the personal health class I took. It was weird seeing her on there, as well as the islander-looking guy. I knew him as well. He was a friend of one of my room mates freshman year. His name is Rodney! 
I’m glad the Huskies came back and showed ‘em up! Stanford will be a hard one but it seems like the Huskies always play to the level of the team they are playing. So I hope they can do that with Stanford and at least stay at that level! The Hawks better have won! I was going to get a lot of flack on Sunday if they didn’t! This ward is great and has a lot of young families and returned missionaries who are sport savvy, I guess you could say and a lot of fun! So it’s nice to be able to talk sports with people again. I haven’t been able to do that since ward council in Pembroke like over a year ago!
Thanks and Love you all!

Elder Latimer

September 29, 2014
Hi Everyone!
So yes, I did get my watch and the other stuff! I was so happy when I saw what all was in there! I switched my key ring over that instant I took it out of the package (a seahawks key ring), and I’m sure there will be a cold day when we do service I can wear, as that call it out here the "Toboggan" or "Boggan" (a seahawks knit hat).
I had no idea that they will be giving talks (in General Conference) in their native languages! That will be pretty cool! Although I’m not a fan of reading subtitles the whole time, but that’s all right. If anything, I’m sure I can just read it on Lds.org.
We do go to the church to watch conference unless we watch it with an investigator or with a member who invites us over. So I’m excited for it because, for one, you get to listen to people talk who are coherent and know what they are talking about. And it’s like a missionary vacation because its 2 days of just sitting around and eating! 
That’s crazy you all are doing trek again! That’s a lot! I guess that’s good you don’t have to travel so far. Although I remember when I went it wasn’t too bad for the youth because there were a ton of us and so we all had a good time just messing around. But I’m sure the adults didn’t have as much to do because they had to drive! 
I heard about UW and Stanford from an investigator. I’m surprised they played that close. They also told me they went for 2 on their first touchdown and a fake punt? I guess they could have won if they didn’t do either of those things? I don’t know it’s hard to say because if they worked coach Pete would be a hero and if they didn’t, he would be scrutinized. Oh well, it’s not like UW really had a national title shot this year anyway with UCLA, Stanford, and Oregon. But you never know! As long as Oregon doesn’t get a national title and a non-SEC team wins, I’ll be alright. Oh and, of course, if, or I should say, when UW beats WSU :)
And that’s good to know about school. I’ll have to take a better look at the course book and find some classes I need to take. Also I will e-mail president now and hope to have an answer next week about registering myself. 
And about the jeep, that would be great! Although I do really, really want a truck :) But I would still be more than excited about the jeep, especailly after I start working and I can lift it put some mud tires on in and put a couple amps and sub woofers in the back :) But let me know what all you find! And THANK YOU!
All is well here, we are just trying to make sure we keep up with the sisters area because I’d feel bad if they came back to nothing cause we didn’t do our part, but at the same time, I don’t want our area to go to pot because we focus on their area too much. Although our area can’t get much worse. There is only one person we are teaching. Well, like 3, but they all live together.
And it was cool. They like to drink... a lot. One weekend they said they drank for 72 hours straight, and then talked about how they had never felt as bad as they did before. I figure it’s because they got alcohol poisoning and not just a hangover. But Kim, the father-in-law of Paul, the other guy we teach, told us they got together and decided they are not drinking anymore and he is going to quit smoking because he already is in bad health. And he loves the Book of Mormon and has a ton of great questions. He told us he will be doing everything he can to come to church every week, and he made it yesterday so that was great. We hope to help him and his family will follow. Speaking of his family he lives with his son in law, Paul, and his daughter Kami. Kami called the other day and wants some of the Relief Society to come over tonight and talk with her. She hasn’t even been to church or met any of them yet! So it’ll be great fellowship and a step in the right direction!
Anyway that’s about all as of right now!

Love you all,
Elder Latimer
Love you!

October 6, 2014
Hi All!
Things are well here. We just found out today they the sisters will be back in their area on Thursday! So that’s nice not to have all that pressure on us anymore, and we can spend some more time focusing on our area.
Also we just saw the "Meet the Mormons" movie today. It was pretty good! I enjoyed it. It’s a nice change of pace from the same 3 movies we can watch! I’m excited for it to come to theaters and see what other people think of it!
And General Conference was good, although it does get pretty long when you watch every session, but that all right. It was interesting to me to see like you all said how much they focused on faith and following the prophet and not the world. Makes me wonder if there will be some big changes in the next couple years? Who knows?!
It’s getting cooler over here and the leaves are starting to change! Hopefully, this fall doesn’t suck as much as last year’s where it got really cold really fast and the wind picked up and took all the leaves off the trees before they could all change.
Kim is doing well. There is a lot of drama in that house because he lives with his son in law, Paul, and his daughter who is Paul’s wife, Kami. They got in a big fight and are filing for divorce, but Kim told us he has finally decided he wants to be a Mormon, and will make it to church every week. He also watched Conference! We just need to get him off the bottle! Well more like the can. He doesn’t drink liquor. So we are excited about that and hope that the other problem between Paul and Kami will resolve and maybe it’ll be a humbling point to help both of them embrace the gospel more fully! We will see!

And as you know im not much of a BYU fan, but it is pretty sad he (the QB) broke his leg. I feel bad for him. He is living his dream in the Heisman race and has to go out like this. It’s unfortunate. Is he out for the season? It scared me last night. A member texted us and told me that the Seahawks lost 42-10. I literally lost like 3 hours of sleep over it. Then I woke up to a text in the morning that said, "just kidding, they play tomorrow night." I was so happy but kind of frustrated at the same time! So hopefully they kill ‘em tonight!  Oh and speaking of the Seahawks, have you found out if you can get the autograph or not? Let me know because that would be so sweet!
President Salisbury said he would prefer if you all did the school registration, but I can do it if you can’t. I have looked at the catalog and think I know what classes I need to take, but if you can talk with an adviser to that would be great because I don’t want to select some classes and find out I gave myself a pretty hard load with the classes I chose, especially trying to balance a transition with that. But let me know!
Oh, and I was thinking about the Jeep. If it runs and works well that would be perfect! That same jeep you sent pictures of. Does it have enough space to at least transport things? Let me know how that all goes as well!
Other than that that’s about all, nothing to new! Just trying to stay busy!

Love you all!

Monday, September 15, 2014

More Pictures and New Area!

August 25, 2014

Hi All!

Thanks for the advice (about college). I think that sounds good to start in January. I was just thinking the other day as well how most people my age have finished the 4 years and are probably starting on a career now or very soon. And I’m 2 years behind!

Things here are going well. It’s heating up a little again but no too bad, just the low 80's this week. This past week has been pretty slow once again. It’s sad to say but members are slowing down on the feeding and investigators are a little bit more hesitant to meet with us. Although I only have about 2 weeks till transfers come. I’m hoping to head back to Pembroke, Va. I e-mailed President Salisbury today and requested it. Now, if he honors it or not time will tell. I do know President Pitt always to those into consideration when making decisions because he saw that the Lord can work through us to give revelation too. So we will see.

This week we only taught 3 lessons. It was a long week. We taught Katy once and she had made a mistake again, so we spent the time telling her how she can fix it and not do it again. She needs to get off that street. It’s one of the worst in the area. It is full of nothing but drugs, so that’s obviously not the best influence on her. She plans on meeting with the bishop again on Sunday.

Also we had a ward BBQ last Saturday and Exchanges so it was a great time to have some time spent with other people. Kinda recharges me for this week! I know we may potentially go on another 4 exchanges before the transfer ends in 2 weeks, 2 with one area, and once more with the other set, and one with the zone leaders.

But not too much else is really happening just chugging along. Yes, it was me who requested more music cause out music rule changed a little bit from only things that can be sung in conference and sacrament meeting to anything that can be played at a church activity (excluding church dances of course), and any arrangement of a hymn. So I was wondering if you could send a USB or a couple CD's with some country/ bluegrass styled hymns on them. And maybe a couple banjo songs, those are always entertaining!  

Anyway that’s about it!

Love you all!
Elder Latimer

P.S  Something cool. I was readying about the ten virgins and the oil in their lamps while waiting for the bridegroom, and how the 5 foolish asked for oil, and the other 5 said no. I wondered why they couldn’t give it to them, and how that relates to us? And as I was reading this morning in D&C 45, I read:

25 But they shall be gathered again; but they shall remain until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.

 26 And in that day shall be heard of wars and rumors of wars, and the whole earth shall be in commotion, and men’s hearts shall failthem, and they shall say that Christ delayeth his coming until the end of the earth.

 27 And the love of men shall wax cold, and iniquity shall abound.

 28 And when the times of the Gentiles is come in, a light shall break forth among them that sit in darkness, and it shall be the fulness of my gospel;

 29 But they receive it not; for they perceive not the light, and they turn their hearts from me because of the precepts of men.

 30 And in that generation shall the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.

 31 And there shall be men standing in that generation, that shall not pass until they shall see an overflowing scourge; for a desolating sickness shall cover the land.

 32 But my disciples shall stand in holy places, and shall not be moved; but among the wicked, men shall lift up their voices and curse God and die.

And noticed how it said, " But my disciples shall stand in holy places, and shall not be moved" and how we will all be gathered in New Jerusalem as it continues to talk about. I then continued and read.

35 "And I said unto them: Be not troubled, for, when all these things shall come to pass, ye may know that the promises which have been made unto you shall be fulfilled."
56 And at that day, when I shall come in my glory, shall the parable be fulfilled which I spake concerning the ten virgins.
 57 For they that are wise and have received the truth, and have taken the Holy Spirit for their guide, and have not been deceived—verily I say unto you, they shall not be hewn down and cast into the fire, but shall abide the day.

 58 And the earth shall be given unto them for an inheritance; and they shall multiply and wax strong, and their children shall grow up without sin unto salvation.

 59 For the Lord shall be in their midst, and his glory shall be upon them, and he will be their king and their lawgiver.

After reading all that i thought about when the Lord said, " ye may know that the promises which have been made unto you shall be fulfilled."

And then came to my mind the covenants we make in the temple and the promises that we receive from that. And how we must be worthy to be in the presence of the Lord and in Zion. That’s one of the "requirements" I guess you could say that we need to meet that we cannot give to others -- the covenants we make in the temple. I thought how the oil could represent Temple Recommends because we need those in order to make those covenants and we cannot give our recommends to others who are not prepared. If they wait too long to go "buy more oil" or to become worthy to receive their temple recommends,  they may be too late and not have their "oil" in time for the coming of our Savior.

I hope that makes sense the way I explained it. It makes a little more sense in my head, but I thought that was kind of a cool correlation.

Love you all!

September 2, 2014

Hi Everyone!

This week was ok. We just did the same old same old, and I tried not to go crazy once again. Oh well, I guess I’m learning more patience! I think I have told you I usually just sacrifice things I enjoy or think and go along with my companion so that there is no contention, and that is still what I’m doing and luckily there is a week to transfers.

Anyway, there was a family of 6 who was investigating the church in Princeton, WV who moved to Beckley we helped them move in and they are sweet!  They have 4 who are over 8 and we hope to go to their place soon and begin teaching them. Appointments are nice cause it’s kinda like a break. Also, Katy is doing well she is now going to 3 different church activities a week, and the addiction recovery program, the institute class the ward puts on, and church. Every day other than that we visit her, sometimes just for like 5 min to keep her on her toes. She is doing well and making progress.

But we haven’t had a lot happen, nobody really sees us anymore... so it makes time seem a lot longer, although the good news is the last 2 transfers will be great because it can only go up hill!  so I’ll enjoy it no matter what! 

And fall is right around the corner, leaves are starting to change! It’s nice its getting cold a lot sooner than normal. I’m done with the hot! People have said the news is saying in the next week or 2 there will be a cold streak where people will probably want to wear some jackets! Good news for me!

Glad to know the Hawks play Thursday. I’ll make sure to wear my lucky tie again! I still remember the MNF game with the hail mary catch for the win. Good times! Glad I’ll be home for post season. Could you send a course catalog? I’ll ask President about it but it would be nice. I don’t know if you can talk to councilors for me about classes I should take and what specific major I would need to declare to start working to be a physical therapist. If you could that would be nice. 

Love you all!

Elder Latimer

September 10, 2014

Hi Everyone!

So about the pictures, yes, a member took them. She is big into photography and figured we would go get some taken because I knew you all would like me to do that! It wasn’t too bad except that it was like 85 degrees in a black suit!

And for transfers I will be going to Winfield, WV and staying the same stake. But it’ll be nice because I get a new companion, Elder Law. He is kinda quiet but seems like a nice kid. And I’ll be a District Leader there, so that’ll be interesting. It’s only 4 in the district Elder Law and  me and 2 sisters. But the cool thing is I will be going to the Taeys Valley ward, where a family I loved, the Satres, who were in Pennsboro, had moved into that ward. So I’m excited to see them on Sunday!

And from what I can see on the GPS it’s a small town, which I have come to love a lot more than the big city. For Halloween it’ll be nice because it’s gonna be mellow. I was afraid of going to Morgantown University (WVU) where its football season and Halloween, not to mention that it was voted the number 1 party school in the U.S. 

And I imagine that will be my last area before I return home. From what I hear the ward is pretty sweet! And it’s gonna be different having sisters in the ward and district. I’ve only been around sisters for 3 transfers my mission.

Any advice for me of ways to lead effectively? Because I don’t wanna be the guy who everyone hates because I’m the party pooper, but at the same time I wanna balance having a good time but still giving and receiving respect. I did notice through sports, and other things, to get respect you give it. So that may be a route I take. Anyway it should be a good time, and not too hard since there is only one other companionship and they are the Sister Training Leaders. It’s a new thing the mission has done. They teach at Zone meetings and go on exchanges with other sisters so they have that opportunity. So they shouldn’t be a problem -- although sisters in this mission are notorious for poaching! But we should be all right!

Nothing super exciting has been happening here, just looking forward to transfers, and just getting through the awkward goodbyes because people tell me how much they will miss me etc... And you know me, I’m just not very emotional so I feel bad because I just want to say, "Later," but I have to try to be sincere.

The weather her has been nice. It’s been mid 70's this week and supposed to continue getting cooler. I love the fall it’s the best time of year. Not too hot not too cold and it’s football season. I still get hit with nostalgia when we go out in the morning when it’s sunny, crisp air and leaves on the ground. Reminds me of football season waking up early for 2-a-days and games when I played Pee-wee football after staying the night at Zach’s. I wish I could play again. Maybe if I can put on another 50 pounds of muscle? But I don’t see that happening, but I sure will try!   

I really hope there are some football buffs in this ward. The only one here is less-active, and we see him once a week, and most the visit consists of getting caught up the football world! Glad I’ll be back for post-season and won’t miss the first ever college football playoffs! And the Seahawks repeat! (Knock on wood)

Love you all!

Elder Latimer

September 15, 2014

Hi All!
Things here are good, and it’s another small town, and Im enjoying it. And yes, the Satres did have us over last night and it was a blast! They are a fun family, and Ally keeps it interesting. She always calls the missionaries here Reeses or cupcake. It’s pretty funny. And every now and then we get a "Hubba Hubba" and she moves her eye-brows up and down! 
My new mailing address is 749 Winfield Ave #3, Winfield, Wv 25213. My new companion is Elder Law, he is a cool guy. A little more quiet but that’s all right.

And the ward here is great! It has a much bigger youth program and a lot of young families, as opposed to most the wards and branches here where everyone is old or inactive. Also we play basketball every Saturday morning, so that’s a nice change because I haven’t played basketball for 7 1/2 months! The Satres will have us over to go fishing sometime too cause they live right on a river so that’ll be fun.
As for the work here, it is kind of non-existent, so we will be working on that. Pretty much gonna start from scratch but that’s all right. The fall is starting to come here as well. It’s been getting in the 40's at night and low 70's during the day. Every now and then the high is in the 60's. I’m so done with the hot!
And thanks for the advice (on leadership). I’ll be sure to try and implement it! Especially teaching doctrine. I listened to a talk by Elder Eyring a couple months ago called “The Power of Teaching Doctrine” and loved it! It made sense and I’ve loved using that ever since especially because some missionaries are like non-denominational preachers. It kills me. They never teach anything all they tell people is "Its ok, Jesus loves you." It drove me nuts, so I felt bad sometimes because I’d come down pretty hard on some people to make up for the impression of, "It’s ok you did these things as long as you are sorry" 
That’s too bad about the hawks. Sis. Satre told me about it. Oh and their whole family is big into fantasy football! They talked about it the whole night. It killed me! But I will be home for about 4 or 5 regular season games! But at least it’s not like college where one loss pretty much puts you out of the running for the national championship.
And hopefully that win can put UW back into the top 25 again. It would be nice to have a top 25 finish this year!
I’m excited for the “Meet the Mormons” movie. I think President Salisbury is planning on letting the missionaries go and watch it. That would be a nice change of pace!
Other than that not much is happening here. The only 2 investigators we have are drunk literally every day, oh well. And it’s weird cause this is a pretty small place but there are a ton of super nice houses here! A missionary who served here before was telling me this is where all the people who work in the hospital and law offices live so they don’t have to live in Charleston, because Charleston is kinda a nasty place in some parts. I’m not complaining that all the people have jobs, cars, and can read! It’s nice to have responsible people to work with, although sometimes people who are well off are not as inclined to listen to the message we have to share. 
Anyway that’s about it! Love you all!
Elder Latimer
P.S  Can you all send my watch? Because I don’t wanna keep buying a new watch every month. I’ll be careful, I promise :)

Love You!