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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Last Post From Mission Field; Turkey Bowl "Season Ending" Injury

This represents the last post from Elder Latimer from the mission field. We are so grateful he chose to serve and to see him grow in faith. We are also very excited to have him come home. Thank you all for your support of him. -- Eds. (mom and dad).

P.S. - We will probably post some homecoming pics a little later!

November 24, 2014
Hi All!
I will get everything sent within the next day or two! And I’ll be sure to keep working hard. It’s been good so far.For Thanksgiving we have plans with a couple members to eat there, and we have organized a "turkey bowl" so I’ll get to play football finally! That’ll be nice. Speaking of football, I’m at about 155 pounds now and just ran a 40 yard dash today in 4.56, which is pretty darn good for not conditioning for 2 years and on a muddy field! I imagine on turf and with some training time when I get home I can get it down to at the least a high 4.4 second 40! That’ll be nice! Now, I don’t know if it’s possible for me (I’m sure i can put on a lot more weight having a gym to use when I get home), but I want to at least get to 180. If I can get my 40 down to around 4.45, I plan on trying to walk on at BSU :) Now that’s only if I can put on another 25 pounds in muscle... and I don’t know if I can but I’ll sure shoot for it! running a 4.4 40 and being up to about 180 and 5'8" i could pass as a running back. There have been a few college backs at that size. I imagine I won’t start but if all comes out like I hope, at least get to suit up again :)
Other than that things have been the same old thing. Still trying to work with those who we are teaching and aren’t making much progress and still trying to find! That’s the problem this area seems to of had for the past year or so. So hopefully I can help reload the area before I leave!
I could talk whenever bishop wants me to. I don’t think I’ll be writing a talk. I’ll probably just go with what comes to mind. There is too much for me to try and put it on paper!

And that would be great for me to check out where I’m living first. It’s not as much as where but who. Hopefully I can meet the guys before I move in. Although after a mission even if I don’t like them I can at least just leave :) How great is that option!!!
I’m glad the Hawks pulled it out against 9-1 now 9-2 Arizona! We needed that to keep a NFC West title hope alive. Now I don’t know if we still have an opportunity to clinch home-field advantage for playoffs or not. I sure hope so. I think if we can manage that we may play in the SB again. I’m always excited for the Apple Cup. It’s always fun to watch WSU lose! Can’t get enough of it!
I don’t know Marty F.’s address, but I can try and call the Elders in Beckley and get it for you. I know she would absolutely LOVE!!!! it. She was always so excited when people send her things like that. That would make her month, I’m sure! I’ll be sure to get that for you! I’ll also be sure to tell sister S. “Hi.” We actually just came from there they fed us breakfast and then went and threw the football around with Zach.
Other than that I’m excited to come home! See you all in  11 days! :)
Elder Latimer

November 28, 2014

Hey mom and dad, just to let you know. Yesterday during the turkey bowl I hurt my shoulder pretty bad. I got xrays and nothing is broken but there may be torn ligaments or torn muscle. Doc said they can't scan for that until a week or so later. So wondering if you could work that into my doc appointment at home, or ASAP because its up there with my knee injury. Not as bad but hurts pretty bad, thankfully they gave me a prescription!

Anyway just thought I'd let you know!

Love you all see you in 7 days!

Elder latimer

December 3, 2014

Hi All!
So I’ll make this short cause it’s hard to type with my shoulder... and I’ll see you all Friday anyway :)
But yes mom you read my mind! Chicken stroganoff is what I’ve been wanting for 2 years!
And my shoulder hasn’t really gotten any better. I hurt it diving to knock down a pass, and I’m not sure what the outcome was cause when I play I kinda black out sometimes but I do know he didn’t catch it so at least it was kinda worth it. I did have to go to the ER and they took X-rays and said it’s not dislocated or broken, but from the stories about doctors and hospitals in WV, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is dislocated, and this could have been fixed a week ago!
Now unfortunately because of my shoulder it has ruined so many things I planned to do when I get home! Like work out in an actual gym and go snowboarding. Oh well, I guess you win some and lose some!

Excited to see you all Friday!

Love you!

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