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Friday, September 13, 2013

New Companion and Avoiding the Cheerleaders!

September 2, 2013

Hi Everyone!

I am having so much fun with Elder Shaffer! [Josh’s missionary training center companion] We are both exactly alike, so it’s a good time! I’m assuming I will leave this next transfer, but who knows!? I’m sure we will get Dakota to be baptized this transfer and hopefully we’ll get to talk to Jordan’s mom to help him to get there too as well as Jay and his fiancé and kid!

I’m more that excited to hear about UW!!! [beating Boise State in football] That’s so sweet! I’m a Boise state fan, but I still have to go with UW over them. I mean I’ve been a UW fan my whole life and a BSU fan for like 3 years. I really hope they can keep it up and as long as they destroy Oregon and especially WSU, I will be more than happy! It’s gonna be hard missing this season with how the Dawgs look and hearing about how good the Hawks are. I guess it’s just a blessing in disguise! 

Thank you for getting the ties ready and the talk also! [Josh had requested we send him more ties and some talks by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland] That will be awesome! Other than that, nothing too much new is happening here. I have just been taking Elder Shaffer around and getting him used to the area. We did workout on P-day for about 3 hours, and then play basketball for another 3 hours. This game was great! We got to use an indoor full sized gym. It was 5 on 5 for 3 hours straight. I never sat out and I’m glad I didn’t because that meant I was good enough to be chosen each game! These guys were actually competitive and good – not like the guys I usually play with. We met them playing in a different town, so it was a lot of fun! Now Elder Shaffer and I both walk funny because we are so sore! I’m slowly continuing to gain weight! We have a ton of weights now! Elder Shaffer is big into it too, and he brought a bench curl bar and about 175 pounds in plate weights. I went and got a straight bar for squats and bench. So we are having a good time here! This week we are starting back in full teaching mode now that Elder Shaffer knows the area. 

Sorry this e-mail isn’t as long but not much has happened. Transfers week is usually pretty boring.

Love you!

Elder Latimer

September 9, 2013

Hi Everyone:

We just had Stake Conference here yesterday too! It was great.  We had President Pitt and his wife speak along with the Washington DC temple President, who gave and amazing one-hour long talk on the temple, and how it prepares us for eternity and the hereafter, and how important and sacred it is. It was pretty amazing. I just wish they would have given President Pitt more time to speak.  He is so smart and spiritual its mind blowing. But other than that we had a good time. Tell Joe I say “happy birthday!” and that he should get all his craziness out now before he can be tried as an adult.:p Just kidding. But that’s crazy he is almost 18!  It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long!

I wish I was able to hear Elder Nash speak again.  That’s pretty cool he gets to do those kind of things now.  Hopefully he speaks in October!

Elder Shaffer is great. We have a lot of fun together (and get plenty of work done at the same time!). Our big thing has been waking up at 5 am and lifting until around 7:00 a.m.  Then we shower and study. I’m excited that I’m making some good progress. Still upwards of 150 lbs, but I’m hoping to be around 180 when I return... I don’t know if I have the kind of time/resources to do so out here.

Jordan, Jay and Dakota are doing well. They couldn’t come to church yesterday because it was in Clarksbur, which is a hour or so away. But it’s understandable. We have been going with Ryan and his friends on Friday nights to watch Jordan’s football games. It’s pretty cool experiencing the atmosphere at these small town games. Although we do need to start being careful. We found out last Friday that the cheerleaders know who we are... and we went to the rest room at half time and came out to 7 or so of them waiting. We talked for a while to be polite, but it seems if we aren’t careful it might become a problem. Good thing the next 2 games are away, so it’ll have time to die down hopefully. Even when we went to proselyte at the county fair that was happening. They spotted us and walked around with us for a while. So we decided to leave a little early before anything could go too far.

Along with that our neighbor is still crazy. She has been coming over at least 4 times a day and won’t leave us alone. She knows when we are up and when we are home. I’m sure she sits and waits for our car to pull in or lights to turn on. The other day she came over at 7 AM! It’s rediculous. The problem is if we don’t answer the door or refuse to talk or to try and get her to leave she freaks and starts crying and threatening to run away and even once she threatened to hang herself... so we have to go along with her because we are never sure if something would happen. It’s a chore to do it.

I can’t believe I’m missing this [football] season it sounds so sweet, except for the fact that WSU beat USC.  Even though I hate both teams, I hate WSU more... Oh well, it’ll make it even better when we whoop ‘em this year. Also Ryan [an investigator] told me UW got new like chrome helmets? I heard they were pretty awesome! I’m glad the hawks won.  Even though it was not by a lot a W is a W in the NFL, so that’s good. I keep hearing so much about it and it kills me to not be able to see it!

Thank you for everything you send me and help me out with! I don’t think you know how much I appreciate it. I did get the talks by Elder Holland. They are perfect. I’m excited to start showing them to people. Elder Holland can tell people better than I ever could! It will sure get people thinking.

Everything is good here. The work is still progressing, and now I’m having a blast doing it! I can’t believe it’s been 9 months already. Sure doesn’t feel like it!

Love you guys!

That’s good Jake is heading back to school where he’ll be around some good people.  I’m excited to see where he is called to!

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