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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Baptism and a New Mission President!

June 23, 2014

Hi Everyone!

Well this week was Savannah’s baptism! It went well. It was just hectic on Sunday when we did it. Some of the members got all up in arms about something. I think someone brought their kid who was sick to church. I don’t know. Then some of the other kids around 10-12 or so got in a fight outside. There is one kid who comes every couple weeks because the dad has partial custody, and the mom is insane, so of course this kid has some serious issues with swearing and hitting etc.... So other than that it went well. I was the one to baptize her so it was good. All went well.

Other than that this week has been terrible. We had 2 appointments work out and they were both member meal appointments. We were teaching over 15 times a week or so and this week we only had one and it was a quick 15 minute one. Everyone we had scheduled with cancelled, and then ignored us and blew is off when we stopped by. No clue why, but we will keep working through it, I guess. We did a TON of tracting last week because that’s all we had to do. No one else could or would meet. It sucked. But hopefully this week will be better. We have a meeting to meet with the new mission president on the 11th.

We did meet with Jacob again. He is nuts. I took some notes this time. Sometimes he just gets on a tangent. Well he always does, and he just goes! Today in priesthood he talked about how he was in a mental hospital and they are a demonic cult and I can’t remember what else, but it was bad. He went for 15 minutes until we had to just say no more! But we met with him earlier this week, and he told us some of these things. (The notes are vague and leave out a lot of detail because I couldn’t write all if it or fast enough!)

1. He fought in gorrilla warfare in America’s own back yard
2. The Government puts babies in jars
3. Native American medicine is the most holy and sacred medicine. 
(Keep in mind he thinks he is Native American...and a Nephite. That’s what he uses to justify smoking tobacco because its part of the Native American religion...)
4.He was a Systems operator for the military and knows everyone’s information
5. He helps the CTU the "*something* Terrorist Unit"
6.Star people on space ships brought us the technology we have now
7. He tried to explain quantum theory
8. The Lamanites came from Atlantis, which is also called Turtle island
9. Atlantis is star based and the government uses worm holes to travel to and from
10. Enoch's job was to watch for ancient astronauts
11. We were created in a lab by the star people to mine gold
12. He worked for Reagan and help put together the "start wars program" and invented ISO's which are satellites with lasers to shoot down space ships to protect earth.
13. God made the star people, who then made us 
14 He has seen the original, Priest-edition of the Torah in Jerusalem
15. He was on a White House mission in Bellingham, WA and met this girl who was an original descendant from the Canaanites, and she had the original Pentatuch, and it was to advanced for us, and we weren’t ready for it so he had to take it back to the house of Israel...
16. He was injected with rocket fuel, and now has genetic alteration.
17. Omni is an electrical current and a spiritual state of being... not a prophet..

And there was much more that I didn’t get a chance to write... he is insane. Sadly, it was the highlight of our week.

And I have the doc appointment about my stomach tomorrow. I’ll be sure to let you all know. I checked at the eye place today and with the insurance. They said it should cost $75 for the exam and contacts total. It wasn’t an exact price but around there. Next P-day I will be going in to get that done so if you all could put some money on my card for that so I can see again!

I will be buying my other pair or slacks today because last week I ripped another pair. I’m still used to jeans and not slacks!

And thanks for the answer about Revelations, that makes sense.

We are trying to plan an activity with an investigator and some members to go fishing this month, and a member’s pond. So I hope that works out it will be a much needed break!

Love you all!
Elder Latimer 


June 30, 2014
Dear Everyone:

So this week was pretty boring. At church last week that whole blow up was about a member who had brought her kid to church who had "Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease" which is apparently really contagious. Unfortunately, Elder Morgan caught it, and we were told by the mission nurse to not leave the apartment for the week. So needless to say there was a lot of studying, napping, and working out. There isn’t much to do as a missionary when you’re stuck inside all week!

Although I did start a new project. I have begun correcting the bible. It’s fun to do because we always are talking about how the Protestants don’t understand anything because all they have is the bible and the bible isn’t always clear (because it’s been translated so many times and has lost some precious truths!) So I started in Genesis and begun marking every alternate translation in green, (Heb, I.E, "Or", or an explanation of a verse.) and then all the JST's in yellow. Needless to say I have a blister on my right hand and I am 1,000 pages into the Old Testament with everything marked so far, in the footnotes and in the verses! It’s fun to look through it like that. After I finish both the Old and New Testaments, I plan on reading through using all the alternate translations and see if that helps give me a better understanding of things. Not to mention Isaiah . . .  I had to mark about the whole footnote section! So much to try and understand. The New Testament won’t be as bad because its only like 400 pages or so! It’ll be fun to see when it’s done!

Other than that we are just hoping the Lord has been preparing people this week we have been inside. Elder Morgan can’t go out until Wednesday, so I have some more time to finish! Although I probably won’t finish until I’m about to come home. Since I’ll only have a 30 minutes a day or so after he is done being sick!

I’m always bummed on the 4th out here because it doesn’t get dark till 9:30, and we can blow things up anyway! It takes all the fun out of it. I’m just bitter on the 4th! 

I will schedule an appointment for my eyes this Tuesday or Wednesday when Elder Morgan not stuck inside. It’ll be great to see again!

The new Mission President is here, and we will meet him on the 11th. I’m pretty excited to see if there will be changes made and who he is! It’ll be interesting to get a feel for him. I hope he will be exciting, I think he was an accountant before so who knows!

Anyway, I’m doing well and haven’t caught hand, foot and mouth yet! I’m guessing it’s from when I had that terrible cold that my immune system is built up so I won’t get it. I hope I won’t because that’s another week inside! It’s nice to rest for a day, but after that it gets so boring since we can’t do anything fun! But I think I’m in the clear!

Love you all!

Elder Latimer

July 7, 2014

Hi Everyone!

All is well. We actually got to work this week. It was a nice change of pace! Although not much is happening still. We were either dropped by our investigators, or we dropped them. We have been visiting active members and setting up a family mission plan with them and seeking referrals, and a TON of tracting, we probably spend around 5-6 hours a day of it. It’s rough, but it’s not too bad because you meet some characters! 

I don’t know if I told you but we had a truck for the first transfer and a half I was with Elder Morgan. Anyway so after a while Elder Morgan decides we don’t need a truck and wants one of the new little toyota corollas, so of course they gave us one, and it sucks! I hate it. It can’t go anywhere or do anything, It’s not that it’s not a truck. I didn’t mind the Chevy Cruises and the Subarus we have in the mission, but this car is on another level. It has zero acceleration because it’s one of those like half hybrid cars and just looks super feminine anyway. So I just let Elder Morgan drive. It’s like one of those cars you see old people driving.

Anyway to get to the point, we had a Zone meeting in Charleston this week, and we put in the GPS that we wanted to take the fastest way there... and apparently the fastest way is down an old dirt road out in the boonies of course. So we took it thinking we could make it. But it kept getting worse and worse. Every time we hit a bump or hear a rock get shot up from a tire, Elder Morgan would say, "Oh, I think we scratched it!", "Careful, careful" and more. Anyway in this "road" that is skinnier than 1 lane we met up with a giant flat-bed dodge with a trailer on it... so he pulls into the ditch to get by cause he can and rolls his window down to talk to us. He says laughing at these 4 guys in suits in a little corolla, "Y'all know where you’re goin?" to which I responded, "Yeah, Charleston. You think we can make it through here with our little Toyota?" To which he responds laughing again "No, not a chance. This is an old 4X4 trail." He was really friendly about it. I’m sure he thought it was funny to see 4 guys in suits in a little Toyota on a 4X4 trail. I don’t blame him! So we turned around and went the long way. Needless to say we were 30 min late. We would have been fine if we had a truck!!

Road to Charleston?

Other than that not much has happened here, just a lot of tracting. On the 4th we went to 2 member’s homes. One we ate some burnt hot dogs and hockey puck burgers and played with their grand kids who are 9 years old for 3 hours. Then we went to another member’s house, who are a bunch of rednecks and it was a blast! They had grills, games and then had a finally of over 60 mortars going off at the same time! It was awesome! So we had a good time, Well, I did. Elder Morgan was ready to go once he found out we were not gonna be inside.

Anyway that’s about it! Chris and I e-mailed every now and then but not too much. He did e-mail me when he got home - just a sentence telling me he was home.

They said they can’t find anything wrong with my stomach, but to come in as soon as I get the pains again for an ultrasound. I will get my eyes checked today if they can fit me in or next Monday, probably!

We meet the new president this week so I’ll tell you about him! Im excited to see what he is like!

Love you all!
Elder Latimer 

July 14, 2014
Hi Everyone!

So I forgot to bring my camera cord today, or I would send you those videos I took of that guy playing his harmonica! I will next week though!

I keep forgetting to call the eye doctor. I’ll call today and see if they can fit me in. Otherwise, I’ll wait another week. That’s so cool the Nashes live next to President Pitt! I do know Elder Hewlitt! He is the AP now and I served around him earlier in the mission. He is a funny guy!

We met President Salisbury on Friday. He seems like a great guy -- different from President Pitt of course. He is very much a business man. He had his own accounting business or something like that, and so he is a lot more like a get it done kinda guy, as opposed to President Pitt who just went with the flow. President Pitt was also much more emotional. But they were great. They told us about their family. They are from Sandy, Utah. President Salisbury’s wife is very quiet. She is shy and has not served a mission before like Sister Pitt had so she is still getting used to it. She said she doesn’t like bugs and the outdoors too much, so she came to the perfect mission!

The other day I was on exchanges in Charleston, and we were talking with this black guy who is in his 30's or 40's. He was drunk, so he just kinda nodded and agreed with us. Then this little black girl who is like 4 years old comes out with a big purse over her shoulder and her mom’s shoes on or something. She put her hand on her hip and the other in the air and walks to whom I’m assuming was her dad and says with the perfect sassy black girl voice, "Now you put dat cup down! What I tell you ‘bout talkin wit them!" After we just kinda smiled and waited to see what he would say, she looks at us, hand still on her hip and waves her finger at us and says, "Get on wit chore bad self!" It was hilarious!

Speaking of that reminded me . . . we hear gun shots most every night. We live in East Beckley (although our house before was right in the center but now it’s on the edge),
and the members tell us not to go there or walk there cause it’s a dangerous place. At least for us it’s not. Everyone is black and I think that’s why they think it’s dangerous. I guess there are a ton of drugs there, but anyway, we were unloading a car the other night at our house, and we heard like 6 or 7 gun shots. Come to find out that was a murder about a mile from our house. The other elders talked with someone who said, “my best friend got murdered last night at like 9:30.” So that is crazy to know. We just thought it was some red neck having a good time, but turns out they aren’t red necks!

On the bright side, while I was in Charleston, Elder Livingston, the Zone Leader, came to Beckley, and they found this lady named Katy. She has had a hard life with drugs and a lot of other things but she has been clean for 5 years now and has a 12 year old son. They taught her the 1st lesson and she asked to come to church and I guess was super excited! They met her Saturday and she came to church on Sunday! All the members were great with her and the bishop’s wife gave her a ride home because she rode with another member there. When we saw her later that day she told us she had read 3 Nephi 11 multiple times and said, "I dont think my preacher had the authority to baptize me. I need to be baptized into your church." She also told us, "All I want to do is be obedient!" When she talked about the show “the living dead” we told her we can’t watch it. So she says "Ok, I’ll stop watching it then." We had to clarify with her that just as missionaries we can’t watch it. She can watch it all she wants! So she is willing to give up anything. It’ss pretty great. We think she could be baptized late this month or in August, unless we find something else out and she needs an elevated interview. But we will see!

The set of Elders a couple miles from us just moved into our basement, because their neighbor is a pot head and now their apartment reeks of weed! So we have them all moved in now and it’s fun to live with another set. Although I imagine they will move out again when they find a new place next transfer. But they have been talking about shutting that area down anyway because there is nothing there. So they could split the Beckley area! We will see!

With the world cup, once the US was out I lost interest. People still root for other countries but I don’t see the point of rooting for someone else unless it’s my country! oh well. 

That’s nuts it’s so warm! It’s been up in the 80's and 90's here. And nice and humid! You walk outside and just feel super sticky!

For my birthday I would love to just wait and have gifts just be concealed permit classes and a 9mm :) That would be so great! Or just have some go toward a truck, because I dont really need anything out here. I have most of what I need. It’s just little stuff that happens day to day.

I’m glad I have served. I’ve learned more out here than I had in 21 years at home! And also  how to talk to random people. I still remember when I would make Joe ask for a straw for me at McDonalds! 

Anyway that’s about all that’s been going on!

Love you all!
Elder Latimer

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