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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

2nd Week at the MTC

Dear All:

My second week went by a lot faster than the first.  I couldn't believe it was already Sunday again. I got to bless the sacrament and that was pretty cool. My favorite things are the Sunday devotionals and Tuesday firesides. One reason is because its just cool looking around and seeing thousands of missionaries. The first Sunday when I went to my first devotional they had us sing "Called to Serve," and it was incredible.
The other day we watched a talk given by Elder Bednar in the MTC on Christmas sometime in 2000, and they said the only place anyone can see it is here. It was an amazing talk about the "Character of Christ." I took notes on it, and I filled 8 full-sized pages top to bottom, left to right with notes with no room to spare. I plan on making a copy of my notes and sending them home to you guys so you can read them if you want.

[Ed. Note:  The Notes are linked at the bottom of this post]

I can give you the names of the elders in my district that are going to Everett so you can look for them, they all leave dec 18th also.  There are a total of 15 leaving to Everett that day, but I dont know them all. You'll have to write me and let me know what new Elders come to our ward,
I leave December 18th on Tuesday morning.  I meet at the travel office at 4 a.m., then I can call you guys when we land in Chicago for a layover.  Yes, I did get the cookies that you all sent, and they were great!  Thanks! My companions also enjoyed some because, as you all know, Im not the biggest person for sweets. But i shouldn't have eaten as many as I did.  And the rumor about the orange juice [in the MTC] I think is a lie.  Its the food that does it.  No one in my district has had any OJ, and we are all struggling.... And i'm not sure if I will have a different P-day (preparation day - ed.) [in West Virginia], but I can e-mail you and let you know. I can also call home on Christmas day.

[Please ask] anyone and everyone to write me.  I dont care how well I know them. Letters give me something to do so I can focus on something else for a while and give my mind a break.
One more thing. I dont remember if i already told you but our new thing is to take pictures of each other eating others' food....  When we sit down at the table we wait for some random Elder or Sister to sit next to one of us. When they bow their head and close their eyes to say their prayer, whoever is sitting next to them takes a noticeable sized bite of food from their plate and eats it, and then puts it back before they finish their prayer.  Then we wait for their prayer to be over.  You should see some of the confused looks week get, and some of the ones that seem pretty angry. But its probably one of the funniest things I've done.
Love you guys,

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