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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

First Week at the MTC

Hi All!

The MTC is amazing, it's crazy how much I have learned in just 6 days.  I can easily say its more than I learned in years of seminary, and I leave to West Virginia on the 18th!  Right now im in a trio companionship with Elder Shaffer and Elder Skidmoore. They are from Magna, UT and Beaumont TX. It was crazy to first learn we were the only 3 in my district going to West Virginia, all the others are going to Everett! So I've been giving them some tips about the rain and where not to go.  I also told them to avoid big rain coats and umbrellas unless they want to look like tourist, because they told us as missionaries to not look like tourists! I'm wondering how the Elders from Texas, and Arizona will deal with it.  So far as a District we are all very close and is only been like 6 days.

[The quote you wrote in your letter] reminded me of a lesson we had on stress the other day. They taught us that if we aren't feeling any stress, we are dead.  Stress is what helps us preform at a level we need to and be able to feel the Spirit more easily.  For example, if you are not stressed at all you are just relaxed and lazy not really trying to get anything done, which will make us not try to accomplish things we should.  But if we are way too stressed out we need to find a way to balance it out, or we will be to focused on the stress to even get anything else done.  We will be too caught up in ourselves and the world to feel the Spirit.  So we need to find that perfect level of stress where it makes us work hard and be able to focus on the important things. Stress is what makes us stronger, without it we would never get anything done.

I can't believe how much I'm learning.  It is pretty insane.  Well, just letting you know I'm doing great and time is flying by.  It feels like you dropped me off yesterday.  2 weeks until I leave for West Virginia!

Elder Latimer

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