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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Another Baptismal Date!

First Baptism!

Hi [Everyone]!

In the service of the Lord.
I miss being home too, but I’m having a good time out here. [This is in response to his parents telling him how much we miss and love him – eds.]

Teaching is going well. We started teaching a kid named Jacob. He is 17 and is set to be baptized on the 9th!  So that’s been going well.  We’ve been meeting with him a lot to get him ready.  We got Bill [an investigator they have been teaching] reading the Book of Mormon, and it surprised him how similar it is with the Bible. So when we visited today he talked about how much he loved it, and how he had read 6 chapters in less than an hour! Also his sister and wife finally sat in on a lesson, so hopefully he will continue to progress.  We are going to start to teaching another person who is in prison, so that will be a neat experience.
No, this isn't a street contacting method.
 "Preach My Gospel" never says anything about this!

That’s crazy William [Josh’s friend who served a mission in Brazil] is already home!  But that’s too bad he came back to Utah.  I could never live there.

And would you be able to send me that book so I can read it? [Dad had shared with him some thoughts from a book entitled “Act in Doctrine” by Elder David A. Bednar –eds.]

The local bistro
And some bad news. . . . We helped someone move for about 5 hours and they just watched.  Anyway, another Elder here has had 2 hernias, and I asked him some questions, and he says he thinks I may have one.  Also a doctor in the ward, who has not examined me yet, but who I told what happened and some of what is going on, said he thinks I may have one too.  But I’m going to go for another month or so and see if it gets better before I get it checked. 

In those pictures that I sent you make sure you let everyone know I made sure to have the American flag higher than the Canadian one!


Other than that I’m doing well, and trying to keep busy. I’m going to visit with a member who has over 50 sniper rifles, collects AK-47's and has plenty or AR-15's m-16's and all sorts of other guns, so that will be a fun meeting. I’ll be sure to get pictures!
Honey Boo Boo has nothing on Elder Latimer!

Love you guys!

Elder Latimer

Elder Hudson (companion)

Let's hope the local docs don't need this to fix the hernia!

The Local Mall

Elder Latimer's District Dining Out!

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