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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Another Baptism Coming Up!

Due to the editors’ busy schedule, we neglected to post last week’s letter.  That results in a bonus to you, dear readers, of two letters from Elder Latimer this week!
Note:  Josh had asked us to send some dumbbells for him to exercise with and we wondered if we should, which is why he responded the way he did at the beginning of this letter – eds.

February 25, 2013

Hi [All]!

About the weights, Pres. Pitt encourages us to have a set in the apartment, and my bags roll so I can do it [move them around the mission]. That way they won’t take up too much room, and I can squat enough to lift that bags into the car easy anyways.  The good news is that I visited a doctor in the ward about my [possible] hernia. He checked and says I probably don’t have one, but to keep in touch with him about if the pain keeps up.  He says I am good to lift things, but to stop if I feel any pain. 

Last week we helped 2 people move and helped haul a tree that was cut up with a chain saw over to a member’s house then split them so that’s good that I am getting a work out those ways too!  Oh, before I forget, there is a non-member family that feeds us all the time. There was some painting she wanted me to ask you guys to look for.  Please keep an eye out for a painting made with crushed buttons.  She has to remind me what it is of but I can tell you that later, because her grandma painted/made it and it was taken by one of their preachers and they haven’t seen it since. [Note sure why Josh thought we would see the painting in Seattle, but we’ll do our best! – eds.]

I’m jealous that Jonathan is starting to play lacrosse at a young age.  I wish I would have!  My friend sent me a letter from Boise telling me about a special on TV about our [Boise State] lacrosse team. I don’t remember specifics, but it was a boy with a bucket list, and his dad was dying from some kind of cancer. I think and could barely walk.  The one thing he wanted to do was play college lacrosse for his dad, so he came and practiced with the team! 

Anyway, that’s cool Jake is getting his papers in! That would be cool to learn a language, I just know I never could, and wouldn’t ever have the urge to do it. I think he will go somewhere in Asia.

Tell Bishop Eden, I'll try to slow down on baptisms, but i can’t promise anything! [Our home ward Bishop jokingly said that he was frustrated that Josh has will have two baptisms and our ward hasn’t had any in a little while.  We relayed that fun message to Josh. – eds.]

Today we are going to Hunnington, West Virginia to play basketball with the Zone leaders and some other missionaries. It’s one of the only full-sized courts in the mission. I’m excited to play a full court game that’s actually competitive!  

I’m not sure if I told you about Bill recently he is making some progress. He has been reading the Book of Mormon a lot finally, and he tells us he "Loves It!"  He is confused on why people bash on the Mormons. He said, “you guys believe everything Christians do.”  It also blew his mind when we told him we used the King James version of the Bible too. So hopefully we can help him stop smoking next, and his family seemed interested too!

It kills me coming here right after I bought my rifle because there are deer everywhere! There is a group of 4 of them that just walk our around our apartment. It’s fun talking to people about guns because they go into rants about how Obama is terrible and is the “anti-Christ” and how the South will rebel again. Anyways they go crazy about it, and it’s always fun to listen.

My Canadian companion is a great guy, but all he does is talk about how Canada is better than the U.S. I’m not the type of person who will call people out and argue, so I just keep to myself the best I can. But the other day he brought up with an investigator his favorite thing to brag about –  universal health care –  and it made me so happy that that investigator completely went off on him, and blew holes in all his arguments. My favorite was when he said, "How is your health care system so great when you have lines for surgeries and MRI's, Transplants  etc... out the door and have so many people die because of it!" You should have seen the look on his face. Then he likes to talk about how Canada has a higher than the United States, and how Canada's economy and political system is so much better than the United States. Then the investigator told him, "Where would Canada be if the United States didn’t have their backs? What would happen if the U.S said, “hey, we don’t care anymore, whoever wants Canada go for it, we aren’t stopping you." I enjoyed that point. AnywaysI have started to dislike Canada more and more as this goes on. Anyway, I enjoy having him put in his place.... Don’t get me wrong I love the guy! Just not Canada....

Love you guys,

Elder Latimer

March 4, 2013

Dear [All]:

That’s cool Jake’s [mission] papers are in! I wonder where he will go?  Wouldn't it be crazy if he came here, and we served together?  That would be a cool story!  And that’s good that Jonathan is enjoying lacrosse.  I sure know I miss it! I have a good idea of what I can send to Jonathan [for his birthday]!  They have a sweet flea market here with some [deleted to preserve the surprise – eds.].   So I might buy one and ship it.  It may be a little bit late though because it’s only open on Thursday-Sunday.  When is Joe's birthday again? I know he would love a [deleted].  They are pretty cheap which is nice.  It might cost more to ship than to buy it! I did get myself a pretty cool switchblade the other day though.  You never know what might happen with theses crazy Hillbillies!

Yes, we have still have the baptism on the 9th, and it seems like he [Jake] is really excited! We had to really teach simple because he didn’t even know what the Atonement was, but so far he believes everything and is taking it well and keeping commitments.  With Bill and his family the biggest thing we will have to work with him on is quitting smoking and coming to church. Other than that we are still visiting with the McClanahan family, who are non-members, but love to feed is and have us over. They aren’t really progressing, but we enjoy visiting with them, and they love when we come visit them --so it’s still beneficial.

Last night we went to a member’s house to watch 17 miracles and the CES Devotional. Both were awesome! I kind of thought Elder Bednar’s talk was kind of a slam on the Pope.  I thought that was pretty funny.

And I’ll be sure to send those shirts back as soon as I can [some shirts we sent that were too big – eds.], and can’t wait for my weights! We hardly have enough time to work out as it is, and push-ups and sit-ups won’t do, especially since we have a car.  We sit for an hour, walk to the car, drive to another appointment, walk inside, and sit for another hour. So we get no exercise.  I hope my next area is a bike area.

Transfers are on the 14th, and it’s a toss-up on whether I will stay in Ashland or leave. I hope I stay because I’m just getting to know the people, and it’s nice having another set of missionaries in the same ward that we can hang out with every once in a while.

After transfers on the 16th, we have a meeting where they are getting the whole mission together, which never happens.  We are having a conference with Elder Oaks, Elder Holstrom from the Seventy and a member of the presiding bishopric. We are pretty sure they are going to be splitting our mission because it’s so big, and then re-open the Cincinnati mission.  The new Cincinnati mission will cover where I am at now, but that change won’t happen until July.  I hope I don’t get moved into the Cincinnati mission because they will almost be like being back home – up north in a big city. It would be nice to stay in the West Virginia area!

By the way, my stomach isn’t in pain anymore, I don’t know what must have happened but good thing I don’t need to go get surgery!

Sadly, today's P-day is going to suck because my companion really wants to visit an area near us where he served and visit people all day! So instead of playing basketball, I get to dress up in church clothes and sit around all day. I'll be complaining the whole time just so he knows how much of a waste today will be. J

Anyway, love you guys!

Elder Latimer

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