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Friday, March 15, 2013

Staying Ashland with New Companion and a Baptism!

Hello Everyone:

I’m staying in Ashland for at least one more transfer, we will see if I stay for a while. I found out I’m now serving with Elder Parker. All I know about him is that he is tall. Anyway I’m excited to stay here because there are a lot of cool families we visit, and it’s nice to continue to get to know them. Also it’s nice to be in the same ward with other missionaries, so on p-day and throughout the week we can hang out. It’s slowly starting to be spring here. It was 76 degrees just a few days ago! But it actually snowed today. It is supposed to be in the 60's the rest the week, which feels about 70 or so here. I haven't sent those shirts [short-sleeved] back yet as I haven’t had time, but I will in the next few days, along with Jonathan’s [birthday] present.

I got my weights and have been working out like I had been back home -- every day for an hour. I have also been using my protein shake and creatine, so hopefully I start to see results soon! It’s been kind of tough though because that first week is always brutal.  Every set of muscles is sore for the next few days.

I haven’t got the bishops package yet, but I’ll keep waiting on it.

That sucks that nana got shingles, we had a kid on out lacrosse team that had them, and it doesn’t look fun at all! [Note:  Elder Latimer’s grandma had a case of shingles when she was traveling in South America as a water specialist for the Church – eds.]

And it’s cool Ryan [cousin] is going to Loyola [law school]. They have a great D-1 lacrosse team there! They won the national championship in 2010, I believe. You have to tell him to go watch one sometime!

Bill and family are doing well. He is moving slow but still progressing.  It will take a while with him, but he enjoys having us come talk to him. He told us a story about how his old preacher from his previous church visited him and apologized that they hadn’t seen him or checked on him. He told him "well, 2 Mormon boys visit me every week."  The preacher then said, “Well, we will have to see you some more.” Bill also told him about another member of their church that had been struggling for food and the pastor hadn’t done anything about it, and then told him that the same 2 Mormon boys had brought some for him. The pastor then said, "Oh, well I’ll be right on that!" It’s fun to one up guys who get paid to do these things.

The baptism went well. I’ll have to send you pictures because we did the baptism in Olive Hill, KY, which is tiny! Their chapel is like our home ward relief society room, and that’s really it. That branch only has 20 members in it, so it’s good for them to get another, and the Olive Hill missionaries got 2 new investigators out of it!

Also, I've heard North Korea is going crazy again and scrapped their treaty with South Korea and vowed to nuke us? Well that’s exciting. We might have another Hiroshima and Nagasaki on our hands? Even China is fed up with them too? Crazy.

We found out we can’t play basketball up with the ZL's anymore because they had an investigator dunk and shatter the back board. Just like Shaq. The stake presidency is really mad, especially because an apostle is coming this week. [Elder Oaks is visiting the mission on the 16th – eds.]

President Pitt sent us an e-mail and told us out mission is not being split and no missionaries are leaving, so thats good to know!

A member told me the Seahawks got Percy Harvin from the Vikings? I hope so! They also said they predict the 49ers or the Seahawks to win the Superbowl. So those games this season should be crazy. I’m kind of mad I have to miss them. Oh well!

Love you guys, 

Elder Latimer

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