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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas in West Virginia (actually Virginia!)

We had a lot of fun talking to Elder Latimer via Skype on Christmas morning!  He is doing well and had a great Christmas!  The last one in the mission field.  We are so excited for him and happy he has chosen to serve!  Here is a picture!

December 9, 2013

Hi [Everyone]!

We did have an ice storm yesterday, so we ended up staying inside. We planned on going out because it didn't look bad outside, but when we walked out of the apartment we about fell. The road and sidewalk was just coated with a sheet of ice, so we played monopoly for like 7 hours... then saw the Christmas devotional at a member’s house. I thought it was all right, kinda weird I guess, just because it wasn't the First Presidency and they included videos and voices... so I wasn't sure how I felt about it.

The Blankenships are doing good. We are meeting with them tomorrow. They are slowly progressing we just need to get them to church, and with Lexi its hard to meet so we meet with her on Wednesdays before mutual. She is still just stubborn and won’t say what her hold up is.

When we taught Tammy and her fiancé, James (the woman with the temple pictures) it went really well. They had a lot of questions and seemed to understand and were excited for church. But it got cancelled because of the weather, so next week they will come. Although I can officially say I am teaching a pirate! James has the beard, the long hair, the pirate hat, the boots, the leather vest and pants, and pirate flags and swords all over his house.... he is 50 years old, bless his heart. But a good guy who wants to learn so that's good.

And with that story of Oliver [our dog who was scared of a dead squirrel], I guess that kinda answers the question of what would a dog do with a car if he caught it. I guess they never thought that far ahead and when it happens they just stare at it.

That's insane about Sark... I’m actually kinda mad. Well, really mad. I liked him as a coach. He didn't seem like the guy to just leave... especially for USC (I just threw up in my mouth a little). But the news about Coach Pete is bitter sweet. I never thought he would leave BSU, now I don't know what they will do. He turned offers down from top 10 teams and NFL teams. Why he went to UW, I don't know, but I’m excited for that. I know when I’m back at BSU I’ll be getting some crap for that. Oh well, GO DAWGS! Especially because they play BYU... I can’t wait to talk smack to all the BYU missionaries!

I can’t believe the hawks lost... I guess they are playing with a 3rd string DB but that's still not good enough. Hopefully we can clinch home field advantage for playoffs and take it to the Superbowl.

I’m pretty excited for next week on P-day. A less active invited us to go bear hunting with him. Although we can’t hold or shoot the guns we an still go so im excited for that. Although Elder Proctor tried to talk me out of it. But I was too insistent. Now I get to go hunting on P-day instead of clean the toilet or something....

And for Christmas we are going to ask people on Sunday who can let us Skype at their house so I will let you know next week.

Love you!

Elder Latimer 

December 16, 2013

Hi All!

I did get that coat [for Christmas], and its great thank you!

Right now the Blankenships are progressing but very slowly. We taught a lesson on how to receive revelation the other day and it went really well. After reading a few scriptures Matt had his book of Mormon out and seemed to zone out but it was ok because he was reading the Book of Mormon! Pretty intently it looked like, They answered a lot of questions and it was awesome. Although the problem is their daughter is the same age as our mission leaders daughter. Yana (the mom) told us everything that is going on. In short the two girls are fighting, so we have a little problem there and having them come to church. I can understand why they wouldn't.  What makes the story fit better is the girls are14 years old. I hope I never have girls...

Tammy and James (her fiancé) are going really well! She came to church yesterday and loved it! She had asked about baptism during sacrament, and told our ward mission leader, “its not me you have to worry about its getting my fiancé!” So she sounds like she wants to be baptized, we are meeting with them tomorrow and will plan on setting them on date! (By the way she dresses like a pirate all the time too.)

Ill be sure to get a picture with the pirate before I leave the area. It’s the easiest way to ask for a picture without offending him and his pirate costume.

And I wish I could be snowboarding the year. It sucks knowing that West Virginia has some great places to go. But I will be able to next year! Tat would be cool if Jake got his call on or before Christmas. I’ll pray for it! And I did get the box thank you guys! It’s hard having all those presents there but making myself wait!

I’m glad the hawks won. I want them to lose sometimes so I don't miss their Superbowl trip, but at the same time I want them to win so I can have bragging rights the rest my mission.

And we are still looking for a place to Skype, I will let you know next Monday what is happening.

We are going bear hunting today, but not until they get back for lunch cause Elder Proctor was insistent on studying in the morning and not evening. It is fine for us to go, as long as we don't handle or fire any weapons.

Love you all!

Elder Latimer

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