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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Staying in Pembroke; a New Companion; and Elder Gifford Neilsen talks Football and Faith

January 14, 2014

Hi Everyone!

Sorry I didn't write yesterday.  Our P-Day got moved to today because we had interviews with President Pitt yesterday.

That's awesome Jake gets to speak a new language like he wanted, and a useful one. [Josh’s brother, Jake, was called this week to the Mexico Culiacan mission] People here don't seem to like Mexicans. . . unless they work on their farms

The people we are teaching are still Tammy and James, the pirates. They are doing well. James will take longer than Tammy, but they will both get there. We just have to wait for their wedding in March. We just watched Elder Holland’s, “The Grandeur of God.” We tried to help him feel like even though he has made mistakes God still loves him. It was interesting, we were talking with Sister Pitt the other day, and she brought up how we sometimes blow through the “God is out loving Heavenly Father” part because we understand it. But that the vast majority of the people out here didn't have good relationships with their father. Most are from broken families. So they can’t really comprehend a loving father, and that when they messed up as kids, they got in trouble, beat and degraded. So that's how they most likely see Heavenly Father. When they make a mistake, they don't know what it’s like to have a father who will forgive and help them. So that's something that really hit me, it just made sense.

Lexi and her family finally moved out of Chad’s mom’s house. It was chaos there and you could tell it was taking quite a toll on them. We couldn't teach Lexi there. It was a difficult environment. So now that they are moved out we can begin teaching again.

The Blankenships are still kind of progressing. They have slowed down since I was with Elder Thueson, My comp now and Elder Proctor have less of a relationship with them and the Blankenships are the kind of family that they want to know you and trust you before they listen. So we haven't seen them as much.

Our zone had interviews on Monday, which is why I haven't e-mailed until today. It was good. President just talked with me and asked if I was still studying the Gospel, and then we went over the two places I’ve served, and he told me, "Wow, don't worry, I’m going to get you into a big city." I’ve really enjoyed the small towns, but I think they aren’t as fun for missionary work. Not much happens out here.  Living here would be nice but there isn’t a lot of work. So a city will be nice with all the people. I also have a DVD they made for us to send home. I can send my pics home but I need the other XD card first.

Elder [Gifford} Nielsen was great! He was so much fun, very lively and funny. President Pitt before the meeting started said, “We are very excited to have Elder Nielsen here, make sure you get out note taking material,” or something along those lines. Then Elder Nielsen walked up and said "EXCLAMATION POINT!" and sat back down.

He told us a story of some BYU football players that were promised if they share with people about the church, they will be blessed on the field. So he talked about how a DE and a DT both sacked the QB on the other team and then said, "this poor guy had 500 pounds of priesthood on him" and both said while sitting on him "What do you know about the Mormon church!?" to which the QB responded, “I’m a member… now get off me!”

He told one about President Monson in the dining hall, and he waved him over and asked how tall he was to which he said 6'5 and President Monson says, “Oh yeah... Well I’m 6'3.”  I’m not sure why he told that one. Then he told about giving his conference talk, how nervous he was, and how a Seventy by him leaned over before he went up and said, “Don't screw this up."

He had some other funny stories, but I can’t seem to remember them, but President Pitt told us he was only supposed to come talk to the leadership (President, AP's and ZL's).  But President Pitt told him, “No, we are doing a mission-wide conference.” Elder Nielsen told him the brethren told him to talk only to the leadership, to which president said, “If you are here we will use you!” So President Pitt said Elder Nielsen was pretty nervous about what will happen to him when he gets back to Salt Lake.

We went to the Lanes for FHE  again last night, (The same place I ripped my pants) and we were talking to them, and found out people out here think we have accents. I always thought they knew that they had an accent, and we talked normal. But they say we have a western accent. I didn't know that!

I can’t believe I’m missing this season!! At least I’ll be back for next season! I’m hoping they still win. I can’t have the 49er win!  Oh and I was thinking. . . if they do go to the Super Bowl and even win, do you think you could talk to the guy you know who is the CFO of the Seahawks and get me a stitched autographed Richard Sherman Jersey? :)

I was also wondering if you all could send me “17 Miracles.” We want to do a movie night for investigators, but we don't have that movie and a bunch of members want to see it as well.  Maybe also send “Ephraim’s Rescue” as well? By the way they are approved. I promise!

I was wondering if you could also send another BYU Vocal Point CD. I left mine in my last area, and we don't have any good music! Sorry about all the wants. I just rememberd to actually write things down I needed to ask you! I’ve been forgetting for weeks.

Anyways Love you all!

Elder Latimer

January 6, 2014

Dear All:

Oops! I thought I sent my e-mail last week... apparently I didn't and can’t find where it was saved.

I am staying in Pembroke for another transfer at least. I am serving with Elder Ochsenbein (Oxen-Bine) He is from a small town in south eastern Idaho. He is a cool kid, similar to Elder Proctor. We should get along well because he isn't from Utah. J

The other day we were at the a member family’s house for FHE. It was Kendra Lane (the mom) Meghan and Afton Lane her daughters (one is in High school, a the other goes to the great school, University of Utah J) and Alex, her son, (who is out of high school) and his girlfriend. Well, we were playing a game called Quelf.  I don’t know if you have heard of it, but it’s a game where you draw cards and have to do what that card said. So, of course, the first card I draw reads something along the lines of, "You just scored the winning touchdown. Do your best End Zone dance and shake the junk in your trunk for 30 seconds." So, of course, I had to obey the card, and to keep a long story short, slacks are not meant for that. Within the first 15 seconds they ripped wide open, like a good 6 inches at least. So needless to say that was entertaining!

Saturday we went to help our Ward mission leader cut some wood. He had cut down a huge sugar maple, and so we helped him cut it up and split it and haul it back to the house. We were working for a good 8 or 9 hours on it, and we got so hot working that all though it was around 24 degrees, we were all in short sleeve shirts. I actually got a sun burn!

It has been very cold these past few weeks, the highs have been in the 20's and every once in a while the teens. At night with wind chill it has been below zero. Tonight it’s supposed to get to about -23 with wind chill. So it has been pretty cold here! It keeps things interesting though. Today we will hike up the Cascades and the waterfall should be completely frozen. It’s about 13 degrees now with about a 20 mph wind. Good thing I got that jacket!

I think that [for Jake’s mission] if he goes stateside he will go to Fort Lauderdale, Florida and foreign, Germany.

I don't remember when it snowed that much! [He is responding to a question about a past year’s snowstore] How old was I?  I haven't got a flu shot but I need to, there has been the flu and cold going around here, although I didn't get it last year and I hope to continue with that!

Other than that our investigators haven't changed too much.  We are still just teaching and answering questions. I’m always glad that we have basketball every Thursday. It’s a nice break. Although I wish I were with Elder Thueson because he was a pretty good ball player, and so are the people that come. Elders Proctor and Ochsenbein both aren’t big basketball players, so we will have some good talent but it kind of slows the game down all a little. Oh well...

I’m glad the Hawks are doing well. I have a bet with Elder Thueson that if the hawks beat San Francisco he has to tell me how much better the Seahawks are every week until I go home either through e-mail or if he sees me and same for me. Needless to say I’m excited for all his e-mails! 

And Elder [Gifford] Nielsen [a visiting general authority] is coming on the 10th, so this Friday we will be going there. It’ll be fun getting together with the whole mission and seeing a bunch of companions again. My trainer goes home after this transfer...it’s weird!

We are told we are getting iPads and iPhones between Jan 1 and Dec 31 of this year, so we have no idea. We hope that's one reason Elder Nielsen is coming.  President Pitt told us how it was a very unexpected thing! So I hope it’ll be soon. And from what I’ve been told, I can add family and friends from back home too! That will be sweet. Not sure how they will monitor that but we will see.

But that about all! Not too much exciting is going on.

Love you guys!

Elder Latimer

P.S I heard Kellen Moore is LDS now, could you check to see if that's true? [It’s not, by the way]

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