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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cold Winter and Basking in Hawk Glory from Afar!

January 20, 2014

Hi Everyone! 

I AM SO STOKED THE HAWKS WON!!! I cant really describe how much I enjoy Richard Sherman. His talk keeps things interesting, and then he can back it up so he talks more, I LOVE IT! We stopped to talk with a member, and he had the game on.  They kicked off right as we sat down, we sat and kind of watched until Russell Wilson got stripped... then I told him we had to leave. We were there for like 5 minutes and left because I didn’t want to be the reason the Hawks lost! And I hope your guy can get [the jersey] signed that would be like the best thing ever! I don’t think anything could get me down the rest of my mission! I’m sure you can tell, and I don’t know if you noticed back home, but depending on whether the Hawks or Dawgs lost or won determined my mood for that week. That’s why I’m so glad they won! If they lost I probably would have struggled this week. The Lord knows best! :) 

Now I’m excited to hear about how Sherman picks off Peyton and takes it for 6 with no time remaining!

Anyway, this week has been good. Although Sunday I was practically having an anxiety attack, knowing the Hawks were playing, especially to go to the Super Bowl and against SF. But other than that it wasn't bad. We weren’t able to see many people. We tried, and have been for the last 2 transfers and just nothing happens. My companion gets a depressed and angry when we don't teach, but its not like we aren’t doing anything. So he is kind of always mad.  It’s a real downer. I always figured as long as I’m doing all I can, I don't care about numbers. There isn’t any thing more I can do. It’s just up to the Lord.

We are still teaching the pirates. They have been in Richmond planning their pirate wedding, which is in march. They enjoy us coming over and coming to church when they can. With the Blankenships its hard to see them because they want to know you and be comfortable with you before they really listen, or help you out and my last two comps have been more “No messing around shove the gospel down their throats" type. 

We even talked to a member the other day about people here and they backed me up in saying in this culture you have to become friends with them before anything else. After that they are willing to do anything for you. You cant just try and teach and that’s it. When I was with Elder Thueson we taught them probably once or twice a week at least, and that’s because the first 2 or 3 visits was just getting to know them and becoming friends. After they loved to have us over and to ask questions. Anywaym its tough and frustrating because they are such a sweet family.

And it’s kind of gotten warmer here, but not by much. The last week or 2 weeks ago (I don’t remember -- time doesn’t work right out here) it was a high of 5 degrees with windchill taking it to -20 at least. That lasted for 3 days or so. It sucked! But we are back to high 30's. People have been telling us that February is even worse than December and January so we will see!

I am not sure when we will get our iPads. I’m hoping its soon. We have just been told sometime from Jan 1 2014 to December 31 2014, so it could be anytime. I am way excited for it!

I wouldn’t think Jake would have technology down there (in Mexico).  Too many thieves I would think. The missionary I trained who went to Argentina said they told all those missionaries never to carry cash only to have at least 5 dollars on you at a time so you can give money to them.  And they can’t have back packs because you can’t take them off fast enough. Some will shoot you. So who knows!

And I did get the video and CD thank you! We had a movie night last night and it went well!

Love you all!
Elder Latimer

Maybe, if possible the Richard Sherman Jersey could have a Super Bowl Logo on it as well? I would be willing when I get home to work and pay you back for it. I would love to be able to eventually frame it and put it up! Just let me know what all he says!

Love you! and thank you!


January 27, 2013

Hi Everyone!

This week has been good, nothing too much has happened, It is still a little slow here but we are getting through it. Basketball on Thursdays saves me, and we are now playing volleyball on Tuesday nights to get more youth involved.

Other than that we have just been trying to keep busy, and we are in a bit of a freeze. The last few weeks the high has been in the teens and a low in the -20's with wind chill. We are starting to warm up though. The highs are going to be in the 20's and 30's this week!

The DC Temple president came and spoke on Sunday.  That was really cool. He said some pretty profound things. The only bad part about some of it was we had an investigator there. Oh well, I still really enjoyed it!

It has been so hard the last few weeks knowing the Hawks are doing so well and not being able to watch or have anyone who is as excited as me to talk about it. And I know if I do watch the Super Bowl they will lose. The same thing happened with the San Francisco game. We stopped by a member right at kick off. First play Wilson fumbled. So we left because I don't want to be the reason they lose! I about had an anxiety attack last Sunday, and I’ve felt that way all week since then.  I’ll need to buy some meds or something for Sunday. And I’m not even joking – not watching will kill me. It was horrible last Sunday. It’s bad though because all that's really been on my mind for the last few weeks is football... So once the Super bowl is over I’ll be home free because I’ll be back for the post season next year!

Speaking of that Alex sent me a link for a pretty sweet long sleeve T, just wondering if I could get it? :) I can send the link at the end of the e-mail.

Sorry enough about football I know you don't really want to hear about it, but it’s what I love!
Anyway, we have been looking for service to do other than sort books in the library using the dewey decimal system.... and we talked to an investigator, and he is going to have us up and teach us how to slaughter a pig. Shoot it, drain it and cut it up and all. So it should be a good experience!

And we don't get to go to the temple at any point, President Pitt said it’s above him to decide if we can go. I wish we could, that would be nice. We are surrounded by temples, but there are none in our mission. There’s the Louisville, DC, Columbus, and Raleigh Temples all right by our boundaries. Oh well!

Also I need some new slacks, I don't know how you want to go about that. I only have one pair left that really works so I gotta try and hold my pants together when I don't have the one good pair.

But that's about it for this week.  Not too much has been happening!

Let me know what you find out about the Sherman jersey please! :)

Love you all!

Elder Latimer

February 3, 2013


Hi [Everyone]!

Thanks for the updates on the Hawks! It’s nice because now I won’t have to be depressed for a few weeks! I’m so excited, it’s hard to explain it. My companion isn’t too fond of it because all I’ve talked about is the Seahawks the last few weeks! Not to mention he was going for the Broncos! He bought a tie just for the occasion. But I was wearing mine (Seahawk colors) for the last 3 weeks! I think I found a new lucky football watching... thing.  I don’t know what you would call it!

Most of the members in the ward gave me a hard time because they were going for Denver. Mainly because of the Sherman antics that I love so very much. And I made sure to send them a text after we found out letting them know who the better team was!

And thank you so much for ordering the jersey and shirts and newpaper and everything! That’s probably something I’ll keep with me for the rest of my life! Especially when I get my own place, and I can have them all hanging in my "Man Cave."

I couldn’t stop laughing at the jokes you told me about Facebook! My favorite was the one you said had Peyton on the phone!

Today we are playing football for a zone p-day so I’m gonna have some fun with the Super Bowl mixed with me playing football as well. Not to mention one of our Zone Leaders is from Colorado and a big Broncos fan, so I’ll have to give him a hard time!

I can only imagine the parties that are going on because of the Super Bowl. Sometimes I think they should make Super Bowl Sunday a national holiday. It’s just one big party anyway!

Did Sherman have anything to say after the game? Or did Erin Andrews avoid him because of last time?

Anyway I’m so stoked about that! Now I’m home free for my mission.  I won’t have anything to worry about because I’ll be home before playoffs or at least for most of it this next season!

That’s awesome Steve Young quoted Joseph Smith [on ESPN]!

Now about our investigators . . . not much has been happening. It’s still really slow around here, and we are trying to get something going but I guess it’ll take time. We found out why it’s so slow here. We were talking with a member who told us about 4 or 5 years ago a member of the stake presidency was a court clerk, so the whole county knew him that way. He ended up being arrested for a huge ponzi scheme. He took over $80 million dollars.... So after that the ward kind of divided (his sisters are in the ward and so was he), and the county took it out on the church, I guess you could say. More of just not wanting to listen or have anything to do with us... So I hope that will smooth over.

Also we talked with Tammy and James the other day, and James is still having a hard time. He is going through a heck of a trial. He didn’t want us to come over but Tammy did because she couldn’t help him. So we went over and talked with him for a few hours, and ended the visit with laughing and jokes. A member of our ward works with people who have similar problems so he is planning on visiting and trying to help him. That all happened Saturday, and they came to Church on Sunday! So I think he still has some hope.

Other than that our investigators are not really around. So I wouldn’t mind getting transferred soon, although I love the basketball and volleyball we do! And the members are great. Just the missionary work here isn’t.

I haven’t received that [seahawk] shirt yet, so it should be here today! I’m going to wear it every chance i can!

Other than all that not to much is going on.  I have a few things to send to you all, like the pirate CD, a funny redneck book and a few other things.. I think!

Love you all!

Elder Latimer 

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