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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Spring has Sprung; Easter and the Work Progresses!

April 14, 2014

Hi Everyone!

That's exciting that both Jake and Jonathan spoke [at Jake’s mission farewell in Church]. I bet it was pretty funny not being able to see him! It’s crazy that Jake is already leaving on his mission! I remember when I was getting ready to leave. It was one of those things you expected but when it happens its weird that it’s already here. Just like when I started my mission, after about my second or 3rd transfer I just accepted the fact that my mission would never end. It had felt like I’d been out forever at 4 months. Then I realized I had 20 more to go! And now it’s weird seeing I’m on the downhill, never thought I would be at this point!

As of now we don't have any plans for Easter, although I’m sure a member will feed us, ever since Elder Thackeray left we have been fed almost every day! We might go over to the Young’s house, a family in the ward with Ryan who is 15 and Meghan who is 17, and they live in a guarded community... you have to give your I.D phone number license plate number and where you are going! They have a full gym in their house, and I don't know what else! Should be cool!

We are getting close to having Sharri baptized. She is really excited about it, and her less active husband has started coming as well! She is on date for the 3rd of May. Also we are working with a former member, whose 8 year old daughter wants to be baptized. She is really smart! She reads better that the majority of adults out here. And that's not an exaggeration! They both were at church on Sunday and the whole ward was friendly and excited to see her, which is good because she was embarrassed to come to church after so long. Also we started to meet with a family who is less active because he travels the country. He was supposed to give a talk the last 3 weeks but people always talk to long, so he doesn't have time. People here can talk! It’s ridiculous, but we met with their daughter who is in her 20's and have begun teaching her and she came to church as well! Things are going well!

And from what I remember of Spanish when I trained the missionary going to Argentina, we plan on watching the restoration in Spanish and then saying "Bautizmo?" Meaning “baptism?” and see what he says, or try to know what he says! 

Also, I did get the journal of Discourses! Thank you! I have been reading them. They have some cool things in there!

And I haven't gone to get glasses yet, I didn't have money on my card for the co-pay but I should be able to now. I will probably do that today.

And Spring is here! The trees are starting to bloom, and its getting green! Yesterday was actually 78 degrees! Although its cooling down again into the high 50's and low 60's. I’m excited! We noticed the sun make a huge difference in our attitudes and others. I am so much happier and have more energy, although the humidity is definitely beginning, It’s terrible! 70 degrees feels like 80, but you just feel wet and sticky. Oh well, it’s better than the winter this year where it was 10 below a couple times and having 8 inches of snow and 20 inches once! This is much more tolerable!

And with my watch, I’d love to have it again, but if you think it’s best to leave it at home until I get back that works for me! Also if that's the case would you all be able to help me out with buying another one out here? Nothing expensive just a replacement that looks nice from Walmart?

Anyway that's about it!

Love you all!
Elder Latimer

April 21, 2014

Hi Everyone!

Things here are going good. Spring is here and the trees are starting to get green again! The say WV is beautiful, but in the winter it’s so ugly! Everything is dead, not like home where it’s always green!

And Easter was interesting. We went and ate with 2 older ladies who signed up before anyone else could get the chance. The house was full of cats and dogs that ran wild, and so my allergies were through the roof. It was miserable. Not to mention that she did a meal where it was all symbolic. First, we dipped parsley into salt water and ate it. Then we put horseradish on a dandelion and ate it. Then we ate this weird bread soup thing. Then some lamb.... It was terrible and I didn’t get even close to full!! Oh well, at least they fed us. And then we went home, showered, ate a little more and visited another less-active member who, of course, had cats as well. It was a day full of a runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing every couple minutes, and a raw nose! Church was good though cause there weren’t cats there! We had 2 people come to church.  The former member and her daughter and a less-active family and their non-member daughter, Courtney, who has come to church twice now! They are an awesome family who is less-active because he travels the country regularly. I don’t remember what his rank is but he is in the military and another member of the ward who is in the Army told us that less that 3% of the people that join the army make it there. So he is a kinda a big deal, haha! They are AWESOME and every time we come over they load us up with food! We were talking to his daughter last night, and he says jokingly, “If your boyfriend (who is in the Army) doesn’t join the church, he won’t be accepted into this family. She responded, "yeah well we will just move to Texas or Missouri" and he responds, "unless he gets sent to Korea! And you know I can do that!" It was really funny! He is very straight forward with her. It’s awesome.  He is kinda sarcastic with her but not really haha. He told us in front of her, "well you can count Courtney out of coming to church, she is kinda a lost cause." He is great, and they are a fun family we enjoy going over there. Oh, and he also made her agree to cook for us! So we are loving it!

Other than that we are still working with a few investigators. Sherry just needs to quit smoking and Misty needs to keep progressing. We are going to see Derek this week - the black man we met who asked us where our church is, and then asked for a copy of the Book of Mormon and then said to come back in a few weeks and he will have it read!

The bed bugs are slowly going away. We have another treatment this week and that should do it!

I haven’t got the package yet. Did you send it to the Mankin Avenue or Arnold Avenue address? Because the new address is Mankin Avenue, but I can check the old place after this!

And I will be sure to e-mail Jake!


Elder Latimer

Can you talk to grandpa about selling me a gun or two when I get back!

April 28, 2014

Hi Everyone!

Things here are good. The trees are starting to be green and the weather is warming up, which is nice at the moment, but once summer rolls around it kinda sucks! Better than this last winter with days of -10 degrees! Anyway, speaking of summer, I need some new short sleeve shirts, 2 out of the 3 I have now ripped in the back so I only have one! Thank goodness we have a washer and dryer so I can at least wash it in water every night, so I can wear a non-sweat covered shirt the next day! 

Oh and about the pictures, I still can’t find that card! It had a ton of pictures, including the ones with me and the pirates! :( So I’m working on taking some more pictures so I can send you this card. Oh, and I’m wondering if there is a way I could get a new camera? This one is beat to pieces. The cover to where the battery goes won’t shut so the battery always falls out and I have to hold it shut to take pictures.  And something with the lens fell off and so now the camera won’t really focus. Let me know how to go about doing that!

We taught Courtney the other night with their family who fed us some BBQ ribs. It’s nice when the sun comes out. EVERYONE here grills! Anyway the lesson went swell, and she was really excited about it and came to church the next day for the 3rd time! Oh and I remembered what rank her dad is in the army.  It is Command Sargeant Major, I believe. Anyway we also finally just found the address to the Kincaids (the investigators in our area that the sisters have been teaching) and because they were being slow with the transition we decided to take the initiative, and it went great! They are awesome.

I am wondering how I need to go about getting more prescription headache medicine. I only have one left, and I don’t want to be out when another comes!

I’m thinking I will be leaving this transfer because during interviews President Pitt told Elder Morgan this is where he will finish his mission, and asked if he has any missionaries he wants to serve with. So I’m guessing I will be getting transferred, which is nice because I’m kinda burnt out on Beckley.  It’s too big! There is too much going on. I enjoyed Pennsboro where it was nice a quiet and slow paced! But we will see.

Oh and I did end up getting the package! THANKS!

Love you all,

THE Elder Latimer

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