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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May Updates

May 6, 2014

Hi Everyone!
So I haven’t gotten the shirts and that’s the right address. I don’t think its the address that’s the problem, it is definitely the mail man. I’ve never had one so absent-minded and lazy! He doesn’t take the mail we send unless we get something in the mail. He just walks right on by and leaves our letters. I got a card from Nana and Grandpa Ron the other day, and he came to our mail box, and we went outside to get it and he says, "Sorry, I’ve had this for a while." It was like a week late! He just forgot to deliver it I guess? We have about gone to the Post Office and complained, or where ever we need to go to get that taken care of. He has problems! Within the last week, those 3 short sleeve shirts I have all ripped, and now I’m down to only 1 long sleeve shirt, and we are supposed to get in the mid 80's all this week! So I was planning on buying one short sleeve white shirt with my mission card today and wondering if you could just throw some money on my home card so I’m not completely broke this month! I tried to work the other day in a long sleeve, and I might as well of sat in a sauna, IT WAS NASTY!!

Hopefully, the camera will get here because you have the right address. Maybe our mailman is a hard core protestant and doesn’t like Mormons? I don’t know!

Other than that transfers are happening tomorrow and to our surprise both of us are staying in Beckley! Which is nice because we are seeing some great progress here, and I’m excited to continue to help the people. We think we can get at least one baptism this transfer!

Last P-day was great! We had a pound of Reeses cups we got from a member on Easter… two half pound cups. We talked a missionary into eating both in under 10 minutes. Needless to say he did it and felt absolutely terrible! We found out in less that ten minutes he ate 2280 calories and over 150 grams of fat! And the kicker is that they were 7 months Expired! It was glorious! Don’t worry I have a video of it for you all!

Stake conference was great. Saturday night was awesome! President Pitt did speak and he was unbelievable. It was one of the coolest talks I’ve heard. I think part of that was he is done being mission president in 12 weeks. He is pretty sad about it! He taught us at a district meeting about a few of the things he talks to missionaries about before they go home. He talked about the temple, prophets and apostles and the doctrine of marriage. He covered what he said took 4 hours in the mission home briefly in our meeting, and told us he has a lot more to say when specialized training rolls around.  He said he has to say things that are so important he doesn’t want to tell us until his last transfer. We are guessing he is going to "rid his garments" I guess you could say. I don’t know if I wanna go to that meeting!  But I kinda do!

Anyway things here are good and weather is getting nicer which makes everyone happier and there are more people to talk to.

And I am E-mailing Jake we are keeping up on each other!

I was thinking the same thing about having to re adjust to Seattle. It’ll be weird to have buildings and people around. Like I said, to me now Beckley is huge, we were driving and saw like 15 people walking around within 5 minutes and we were both just blown away because we were both in tiny areas most of our mission! Maybe I’ll try and request going to Roanoke for my last few transfers? It’s the biggest city in the mission maybe that’ll help me get adjusted a little better,

Love you all!!
Elder Latimer

May 12, 2014

Editors Note:  On Mother’s Day, Elder Latimer was allowed to call home and so we spent about 45 minutes talking to him via SKYPE.  It was so much fun!  He looks good and sounds even better.  Because of the call, however, the letter is a little short this week! Enjoy!

Hi Everyone! 

It was good to talk to you all last night, and yes they did get to skype with their son [Eds. – the family from whose computer he was skyping from has a missionary who is in Japan and called in during the end of our call!]! I was afraid after I got off.  I told them, and they got it set up on their TV and then called him like 10 times with no answer. So I was standing there awkwardly and finally he answered so it was all good!
Oh and one thing we found out this morning . . . we found out that lady we helped move Saturday... she called us this morning and let us know that she found out people broke in and were using her basement as a meth lab. So that’s great that we got to smell all that stuff.  It’s not good for you! But that’s okay. If I ever start coughing up blood I’ll know I should go to the Doc :)

And other than that not much else is happening that I haven’t told you. There were a bunch more stories, but I didn’t have time so I’ll have to tell you all those when I’m back.  They aren’t quite as good without the accents and emphasis! 

Love you all!

Elder Latimer

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