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Monday, January 14, 2013

First Pictures from the MTC and Mission Field!

[Combining two letters this week . . . plus pictures from the MTC and Mission Field! -- eds.] 
Josh's new companions!
Missionary Training Center District at the Provo Temple

Missionary Training Center Zone at Provo Temple

Where in the world?

MTC Companions

Classic Mission Photo Op!

Break in Studying!

With President and Sister Pitt, Mission President

Letter #1 - January 7, 2013. 

Dear [All]:

Let's see . . . I'm more than stoked to hear about the Seahawks win [versus Redskins]!  Is their next game on Sunday?  It is sad to hear how RG3 went out. I like him, unlike other QB's like him (Cam Newton, Donovan McNabb, and a few other rookies.) If you could send me more than just scores that would be awesome. For instance, I saw while eating out that Ray Lewis is retiring. He is my favorite defensive player ever! Sad to hear, but things like that: trades, coaching changes, injuries, projections are things I want updates on. Pretty much summarize Sportscenter with the info I want.

Alexis S. is our investigator's name with the baptismal date.  She is way awesome, and I think she will be great in a ward calling.  She loves church and all the members always ask us about her. She also told us she was thinking about a mission.  Other than that we are teaching a few others who are just curious as of now and a part-member family and a non-member 13 year-old boy. The family is going well because the mom is coming to church again now, and we are helping her work towards going to the temple.  Darren (The 13 year-old boy) isn't against coming to church yet, but I think he is just more lazy than anything,

The hardest part about being out is [missing football.... Especially now with how well the Hawks are playing, I sometimes think I just want to go watch the game somewhere... but I don't. :)

A bad flu is going around here too, none of the missionaries have got it yet, luckily, and hopefully we don't. 

It's crazy how different houses are here. You will be driving past theses little shacks for houses, then in an instant you see a huge mansion. I think its because there is a hospital here, and, apparently, it is one of the best heart hospitals in the country.  It's called King's Daughters, so I assume in a place like this houses go for way cheaper, so the docs can afford them.  Then I go into other houses of members and people who want to learn. and its terrible.  There is stuff everywhere, you sit on the couch and cockroaches climb out, along with stinkbugs and other things. The beds they have a just covered in dirt and bugs. It's nasty. But last night we ate at a member's house who works for  Merrill Lynch, I think it is. I don't know exactly what he does, but his house is absolutely massive. I dont think I've been a house that big.

And I did get my protein drink. Thank you!! And I cant wait for my [lacrosse] stick to get here too, that will be nice.

Love you guys,

Elder Latimer 

Letter #2 -- January 14, 2013

Dear All:

Well, I almost had my email done and by accident I hit something and deleted it all. So this will be shorter because im running out of time, but I'll still be able to get everything in.

First off about the Seahawks, and investigator invited us over for luch and refused to turn off the TV, and we couldn't force them. so I got to watch the end of the game. Oh well, it's a good thing I guess because now I can focus. And I have heard a lot about the Kings coming to Seattle.  I hope it happens because Isaiah Thomas is on that team now too.

And yes i got my package! Thank you!  However, the first day there was a 40 oz. glass bottle of vinegar apple cider that had been there at least a month or longer, and never refrigerated.  While we were playing with my lacrosse stick we knocked it off and broke it, and now our apartment smells terrible! Not to mention that we broke 2 cologne bottles too.  So we sleep on the porch now, until we can bleach the floors.

This week I went on an exchange to Portsmouth, Ohio.  If you didnt know it is the #1 place for pain medication abuse in the U.S.  You should look it up.  To make a long story short, we went to a recent convert's house, and when we walked in there were 2 other people there who were drunk and high on drugs.  The guy started to talk to me and show me tattoos of biker gangs he has been in. He then told me how much he respected me because I knew where he was coming from (for some reason?). So I guess I got his trust, which was good because he was a scary guy. He ended up telling me how he has killed people before, and how he did it, and that people there don't care who you are or what you stand for they will take you and kill you. So he told me if I ever get in a bind to mention his name and give him a call, and he would come down and help us... it was crazy.  Then the lady he was with just broke down out of nowhere and started to tell us about how someone close to her was murdered recently.  She told us how she wished they would have just shot him because from what she told us, they tied him down, ripped out all his teeth, finger and toe nails, then cut him and left him.... At that point we didn't even say "we gotta go," we just left. And that was it for the night for us. [these kind of stories are so nice for parents to read -- eds.]

And Alexis [our investigator with the baptismal date] is doing great. She came with us to the CES broadcast last night and loved it. And then we sent her home with some baptismal clothes to see which fit the best. We have another investigator who's name is Seth J. He says he knows The Church is true and everything, but he just cant quit smoking.  He says when he quits he will be baptized, so we are working with him on that.

Other than that everything is going good. Keeping busy. If you could send me some short-sleeved white shirts that would be great. It's not super warm yet but with the 100% humidity, it sure feels that way. it was actually 70 degrees the other day, but starting to cool down again. 

Love you,

Elder Latimer

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