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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Potato/Potatoe (or retired vs retard)

Dear [All]:

We did have a baptism [of the investigator mentioned in previous letters]. It went really well, and I gave the talk on baptism. About an hour before the baptism, the font was freezing!  The hot water ran out or something, so we and the missionaries we share the area with ran back and forth from the kitchen filling pots with hot water and dumping it into the font. It finally got warm enough and we continued with the baptism. 

Like I told you, Alexis got kicked out of her house for being baptized.  We warned her hardships will come because Satan wants to keep us from the truth, so she kept that in mind and stayed strong. We gave her a blessing and told her if she could stay faithful until she was baptized, things would work out. After her baptism, a member in the ward offered to take her in, and is letting her live there for free -- not paying for food/rent/or gas -- so that she can save her money and to move to Utah to go to college at Dixie state, I think it is. That was pretty awesome. Then, on Sunday, as we confirmed her and gave her the gift of the Holy Ghost, the bishop's son was doing the confirmation.  In the middle of it the bishop says into the mic, "Did you give her the Holy Ghost!?" into and then Lincoln, his son, says" Yes, DAD!" It was hilarious.

I heard about the Superbowl. I'm rooting for the Ravens now because I want Ray Lewis to get a ring before he retires this season. And I can say I'm bitter too with the Niners going, because we should have beat the Falcons. I don't know how we didn't. We could have beaten the niners and could have beat the ravens, but oh well. I got news from a member that the Kings are coming to Seattle! I'm more than excited. What's sweet is OKC is in the West division still, and so will the new Sonics. So i think that will become an insane rivalry game. I really want to see their first game at home vs OKC, being there would be even better, but I guess I have better things to do. :)

We now have a couple new investigators like Seth J.  I don't remember if I told you about him, but he is trying to quit smoking.  He recently sent us a text saying that he had been praying, and now when he smokes he gets sick to his stomach. He says he knows the BOM is true and Joseph Smith is a prophet, so we will probably be able to set him on date soon. I'll hopefully be averaging a baptism a month... granted I'm only 2 months in, but that would still be fun to tell people....

And another funny thing is, when talking to people here they obviously say things different. One embarrassing experience was I didn't know that people here pronounce "retired" like "retard." So one day I asked one guy what he does for work, and he says to me, "Oh I've been retard (retired) for about 5 years." And so I said "Oh, that's too bad" to which he said, "No, its great, I get all sorts of discounts and free help." Meanwhile my companion knows he meant retired but i didn't so he could not stop laughing, and I was so confused. He told me after, and I felt terrible.

Love you guys!
Elder Latimer  

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