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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

More News from Christmas

Ed. Note:  This is the latest letter from Elder Latimer.  He extended an invitation recently to a new investigator to be baptized and she accepted!  This is the person he is referring to in the e-mail.  We have also blended a few comments to his little brothers into this letter.

Hi [Everyone]:

Yes, the baptismal date is awesome, and it’s great.  She is like the perfect investigator. She told us that she had been baptized [in other churches] twice but knew it wasn’t right because they were only in Jesus' name, and she knew she needed to be baptized by the proper authority into God's true church.  She accepts everything we teach her and is smiling the whole time! And when we ask her to pray she gives thanks for true prophets on the earth and for the atonement, and even prays about the plan of salvation, which is awesome because I’m sure its hard for people to understand.

It was pretty cool that when we met with her on Saturday we brought a member along and when they met they went crazy because they lived next to each other growing up and were both musicians now. So it’s good to know she has a friend in the ward already. We got her to church yesterday and she loved it! She talked  to everyone she came in contact with and made a bunch of new friends.  She absolutely loves the gospel -- you can just see it. So we are stoked in knowing she isn’t converting to us, but to Christ.  A lot of times people will convert to the missionaries and leave the church after the missionaries leave.

And thanks for sending my [lacrosse] stick!  One thing I forgot to ask you for was my Muscle Milk protein powder. It’s good because I need it for the Insanity workout my companion and I are doing, and it’s a good meal substitute.  Other things that would be good in a package are food (but not as much sweets) and TIES!  I’ve gone to goodwill and picked up a bunch of new ties, but only the weird, corny ones cause those are the ones that are fun to have. I’ll have to send some home because I can't wear them on the mission. My MTC teacher came back from his mission with over 200 ties, and that’s my goal.

I can’t believe the Seahawks picked it up! One of our investigators who is very friendly knows I’m a big football fan from Seattle so he tells me all about it.  He also said, "I know y'all can't watch T.V. So I might have to invite y'all over for a dinner that just might be at the same time as the Super Bowl. God works in mysterious ways right?"  So pretty much he might invite us over if Seattle plays and refuse to turn the T.V off. :)  Oh and one more thing about T.V's in restaurants and houses/ music in stores and things like that. We call those “tender mercies.” :)

Also since my companion is Canadian, he has a flag up in the room. So saturday I bought an American flag to rival his. So that’s always fun.  I've decided I’ll have all my companions sign it and keep it when I go home. Maybe give to my kids when they go on missions and add to it? That would be pretty cool.

To Jonathan:  Dont worry about being smaller when playing [lacrosse] in the 5-6 grade level. I was always like the smallest guy when I played - just be faster. When they try and hit you just juke, most the time they will fly right by you! I have heard and done a few weird things I guess. I had squirrel for the first time yesterday and its really good. And the worst place to go is down in the hollers (houses right down on a river bed.)  Because they are really spread out and they aren’t nice. West Virginia and Kentucky have a big problem with drugs, especially pills and meth labs.  So when we do go down we have to be very careful and leave when told so, or it might end bad.  Also they call sledding “sleigh riding” here, and a lot of them like using car hoods...or they go scouching where they put skis on a couch and go down a hill. Also people I have to sit next to in the library to e mail are really weird/creepy...like right now.

To Jace: Hi Jace! you are lucky that they are calling you the Glove [in basketball – ed.]! Gary Payton is probably one of my favorite Sonics players right behind Ray Allen and "The Reign Man" Shawn Kemp. I’m not in West Virginia right now, but I’m in Kentucky!  It’s about 5 minutes from Ohio and West Virginia. And it’s kind of cold -- in the high 30's. It has snowed a couple of times, but didn’t stay long. This morning we woke up to an inch but its almost melted now. For Christmas me and my companion Elder Hudson had about 5 Dinners. We went to where people fed us. It was great.

And being a missionary is great! It feels good to share and help people every day.

Love you guys!

Elder Latimer

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