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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Progress in the Work,"Y'all"

Dear Everyone,

I'm doing well, and we are making a lot more progress with our investigator, Bill.  I can never remember what I told y'all in the last email, but we met Bill, and he has been just talking with his about what he believes and what we believe. We told him a little about Joseph Smith and the movie "Prophet of the Restoration." He said he loved religious history and would like to watch it.  Anyway, we watched it with him, and he was glued to the screen. After we spent 2 hours talking and answering his questions, we invited him to be baptized.  His answer was perfect. He said, "I'm not sure, but I will read the Book of Mormon, and I can't wait to pray to know if it is true or not."  It is awesome because he is not just getting baptized because he likes the idea. He wants to get that knowledge and know for himself. People like that are those who stay in the church, as opposed to those who just join because they like the people or the idea.

Anyway, feed the sister missionaries for me!  Because I know I get enough meals from members, but I would  like more. Meals are one of missionaries favorite things.  I'm sure dad can attest to that.  By the way, I know of of the Elders I was close to in the MTC  is in Bellingham right now. I don't know where the others are.

I wasn't too sad I missed the Pro Bowl. I never watch it anyway.  It's not fun to watch because it's not competitive.  We had an investigator inviting us to watch the Superbowl at their place next Sunday.  We said we might be able to, but only if we can teach people there a lesson after . . . . so we can use it as a finding/teaching opportunity.

It's funny here that people call these mountains. The hills in downtown Seattle are just about what these are....  There is just a lot of them so you are constantly going up or down a hill. Oh, and by the way, don't tell some one from West Virginia that they are from "western Virginia," because they get pretty offended. It's kinda funny actually.

And I haven't got her letter yet [a friend who wrote -- eds.]! I've been waiting. I hope it didn't get lost, maybe she put the wrong address? Tell her to send another if I don't get one this week because I just thought she was busy with school and didn't find time to write one yet. Anyway I have never seen one of Anthony's [hockey] games, I would like too. Hopefully when I get home he will be on a college team. Plus he promised that I get to live in his mansion when he goes to the NHL.

And  will go pick up my prescription [for migraines] today. I've been taking the migralife or whatever everyday but always wake up with a little headache everyday. I have had a couple migraines -- one so bad I about puked... but i think its the air here. I've heard it has the most polluted air in the country. That and because I can never fall asleep until midnight then have to wake up at 630 so that may contribute to it. My knee is doing well.  I've started to play a little without my brace and it is pretty strong (don't worry I use it if we start to get competitive). That's the last thing I want is to get sent home and to have a doc say I cant play lax again.

I would love for you guys to send me ties! [Josh is collecting thrift shop ties - eds.] The more the better, I have about 15 already from the thrift store. I do need my short sleeve white shirts because its getting somewhat warmer, and the humidity helps. So when its 50 its perfect T-shirt weather.


Elder Latimer

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